11 Tender stories of childhood that make you want to re-live it

Childhood is the unforgettable period in the that happened funny and moving stories.

Great.guru chose the best stories for you to immerse yourself in the nostalgia of this wonderful time.

  • In my childhood I decided to write my last will and testament. All my toys would inherit my cat. My room, a drifter named Alejandro who always greeted me and my book on courtesy you would leave my brother after the fight we’d had. This list is I took her to my aunt who is a lawyer and asked him to apostillara the document. It is a woman’s witty, he sent copies to all the relatives, but the original is placed within a frame and put it on the table, next to a few diplomas. In addition, not only laughed at me the whole family, but also their customers.
  • Once during sleep time in kindergarten, I was approached by a guy. I pretended as if I was sleeping and I didn’t move for nothing. Lay down to my side, kissed me cheek and told me in a low voice: “I love You”. He then returned to his place. I still remember very well how it was at home that day. I remember your sweater gray with vertical lines. Now I am 27 years old and this confession child is one of the most romantic and brilliant of my life.
  • In my childhood, when I went on vacation to the hometown of my grandfather, everyone at the door was a table hanging that said “Dog of the devil in the backyard.” I once fought with my grandfather, and I wrote on the door: “Grandpa diabolical in the backyard.”
  • A little girl brought a new doll to the children’s garden. It was so beautiful, that the children also liked it a lot. All played with it, but I broke it. After seeing the tears of this little girl, I decided to give her the same wrist. I asked my parents that I make this doll for my birthday and not what I wanted. My parents supported me and the day of my birthday I gave her this toy. Their happiness was completed. But in the afternoon my dad prepared another gift for me. He said that I did the right thing and was very proud of me.
  • When he was three years old, my grandmother and I went for products to the store. We approached the counter, there was a row with a couple of people. One of the women said to my grandmother: “What a daughter so beautiful!” I without much thinking I took off my shorts and panties and I said, “I Am your grandson!”
  • Recuedo that when I was eight years old, we had a cat that had just given birth. After the holiday of new year, in the morning, when I couldn’t get up to go to school, mom caught all the kittens and put them in my bed. He climbed on me, then I had to stand up and fell to the ground. It is one of the memories that warm my childhood.
  • When my brother was little, we lived in a private house in a village. He constantly was going to take sun on the patio. I took a cot, undressed to his boxer shorts and offered cover for completely! Mom told him to so he did not take sun and he answered him: “I don’t care, because if not, the mosquito I bite!”
  • I live with my friend in a housing complex, both on the second floor. Only we were two innings away. When we were small, we didn’t have telephones, so one day we decided to make our own “mail”. We wanted to stretch a rope from my balcony to his balcony. From the second floor was very difficult to do, but finally we made it. Would launch his for turn the ends of the rope to the balcony of each one. It was very funny: applied the red a note at one end of this rope and get on the other and the note will arrive. We were very happy, we sent you letters every afternoon. In addition, in the morning who woke up early would send a message. You got up, corrías to the balcony and you could see that you had come a note: “Good day!” I really miss those times.
  • When I was little, my friend and I often played in the sand box. She started to tell me a story: once he had dug in the sand until he saw the meter and how they spent the train. I believed him and was moving up the night, until my parents took me home. Each time it reached that place and began to dig. I was disappointed a lot when I was told that our city had no subway.
  • In the childhood, when I shower, I loved to fill my mouth with water and afterwards imagine that was a source and remove the water under pressure. Even took positions to become a source. Someone dreamed of becoming a doctor, others with cosmonauts, and I dreamed of being a source…
  • When he was three years old my parents painted the floor. I don’t what I noticed and I ran over him. Were the traces of my feet. Now I am 21 years old. A few days ago, I’ve moved the chair, and I saw these small footprints. It turns out that my parents did not want to paint the traces for that would see them when she grew up.

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