12 Forest that day also scary

In Great.guru we bring you a collection of places dark that will scare you even if you are only reading about them. Or let’s talk about what you would feel if the visits. However, if you’re brave and you have already been to any of them, share your impression in the comments.

Forests of teak, south Africa

The teak trees are terrible at first glance, but nice on the inside. If you are traveling to Africa, and you get into a forest of teak without knowing the peculiarities of these trees, you could become gray or start to stutter.

If you see something like that, you might think that a brutal crime would have happened in this place. In reality, the resin of this tree has a special color, which makes it very sought after for interior design.

Aokigahara, Japan

A forest of fame, pretty sad in the base of the mountain Fuji, more known under the name of Forest of the suicides. The place appears in the legends from the Middle Ages, when the poor japanese families left in the forest to await the death of their elderly or children that they could not keep.

The witnesses say that it is better to be away from there, as they only venture a few steps into the forest to find wallets, medicines and other personal items, evidence of horrible events that happen all too often in that place.

The Red Forest, Ukraine

The Chernobyl catastrophe put Ukraine on the map for the rest of the world. A huge territory of forest remain under a layer of radioactive dust, which killed the trees and made them change the color to red. During the work of decontamination of the territory, the Red Forest was bulldozed and buried. Now being restored in a natural way.

Just after the accident, the people saw a fenómento strange: the trees were shining, as if the forest were full of fantsmas. In fact, there is an explanation scientifically for this, however, the tour guides prefiren frighten some with tales about the forces of another world.

Triangle of Bennington, USA

In the united States, in Vermont, there is a forest with a bad reputation. There, the people disappear without leaving any trace. Commented that there appear some strange noises and atmospheric phenomena unexplained, as well as the animal never seen before.

The writer Joseph Citro called this the Triangle of Bennington , by analogy with the Bermuda Triangle. In his books, the author ensures that this place is considered cursed since the times of the indians, who were trying to avoid it long before the arrival of the settlers.

Wychwood, Great Britain

Once this forest was part of the hunting land in Oxfordshire, but some time after the royalty began to avoid Wychwood, because I didn’t want to face the ghost of the wife of the earl of Leicester, who died from a broken neck many years ago in very strange circumstances.

It is said that one day the widower was on the hunt and found his wife dead. She commented that in 10 days they were to gather again and, indeed, the man, apparently healthy, was taken ill and died. The legends say that the ghost of his wife until today, walking through the forest and every man who sees it will have the same fate as the husband.

Hoia-Baciu, Romania

The forest Hoia-Baciu is considered as one of the most mysterious places of Europe. He is also called “The Bermuda triangle of Transylvania”.

Something more than 100 years ago, was a simple forest. But then something weird began to suseder with him: the trunks of the trees began to encurvarse taking strange ways, disappeared the animals and then birds.

Hoia-Baciu is surrounded by many legends and almost all of them are treated of mysterious disappearances: a shepherd with his flock of 200 sheep or a 5 year-old girl who goes chasing after a butterfly and leaves in the same clothes without having grown a little bit, with the butterfly in hand, but 5 years later. In the middle of the forest there is a clearing in the shape of a circle which is said to have served the ufos as runway take-off and landing.

“The Screaming Woods” or a Forest of screams, Great Britain

The village called Pluckley in the county of Kent is listed in the Guinness Book as “a place inhabited by the ghosts of Great Britain”. It is said that in the forest of the village live about 14 ghosts.

As is evident from the name, many people seem to hear piercing screams of the ghosts that come out of the forest at night. It is believed that they are the souls of people who died in the forest, for not having found the exit.

The “forest Freetown-Fall River”, U.S.

A part of the forest of Freetown, located in Massachusetts, northeastern united States) is known as the “Triangle of Bridgewater”.

It is believed that it is the territory of satanists, criminals and suicide bombers. The legends say that those places from many years ago have been the site of cult rituals, including the slaughter and the slaughtering ritual of the animal. Have the legends on many of the things that can be found in the forest, among them: balls of fire, giant snakes, animal mutilations, ufos and other unusual phenomena.

The forest of the Island Sentinel of the North, India

It is possible that this is the most mysterious of the planet. The strange part of this forest is that humans don’t know what type of plants grow, what animals and birds live there. Maybe even have some types that are considered extinct.

Until today the island is inhabited by a tribe of aborigines very aggressive, which does not want any contact from the outside. Every attempt to get to know the people of Sentinel ends in the same: arrows and threatening cries of the crowd angry.

“Krzywy Las” or the Forest Twisted, Poland

This forest has the following peculiarity: the trees that grow in their territory do not resemble any other. About 400 pine trees have a 90° bend at the base of their trunks. In addition, all the trees are bent towards the north.

The legend more popular says people fixed the trunks of the pine trees on purpose to be able to make furniture, boats, and other objects with greater ease later. However, the local loggers say that these trees are not used for production. Until today it is unknown the reason why the pine trees have a shape so strange.

The forest of the Old House, U.S.

Mathews is a small district in Virginia, united States. Before it had been a very important port. Today, according to the testimony of many people, it became home to the ghosts of british soldiers, as well as to the pirates who long ago passed through there. One of them, it is said, hid there his treasure.

This rather sinister given the name of a burnt house. According to lto legend, many years ago a pirate treasure that was hidden in the forest and all that went to look for him disappeared without a trace.

Local residents claim to have seen different ghosts: slaves, indians, floating lights, dog without head and up to ghost ships that are headed to the forest.

Island of the Dolls, Mexico

Hundreds of old broken wrists hang from the trees in the forest located on a small island near the mexican capital. One of the legends says that 50 years ago, the local resident Julian Santana was found in one of the channels of the body of a little girl with a doll at the side. Julian decided to hang the doll in the forest in memory of the unfortunate. It continued for more than 50 years.

It was supposed that, in 2001, Santana was going to put the doll number to 1000, but was drowned in the same canal.

Bonus. Sometimes reality is more terrifying than the legends. We don’t know where they took this photo, but it looks creepy, right?

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