12 Cities in the world that almost never looks the sun

From the scientific point of view, the sun shines without stopping, although the rays are hidden behind dense clouds. But what we hope is a light that enlighten us of the truth, that he give us life and fill us with energy.

Meanwhile, residents of certain cities of the world have become accustomed to not have to wait for the sun, but to rejoice in their sudden appearance as if it were a feast. What more can be done if these cities are located in places where nature does not provide many sunny days a year? But that does not reduce one iota of its peculiar charm.

Interestingly, meteorologists measure the sunlight with loggers special, where the sun’s rays are focused on a paper tape or measured electronically. The device captures the period sunny in one or the other place on the planet.

Great.guru compiled a list of cities bleak but spectacular and at the end of the article you expect a bonus that will show you how to any situation gloomy well you can find a way out.

London, United Kingdom

Enjoy the sun, approximately 68 days per year

Yes, London is a city clearly “associated” to a weather cloudy and rainy, but on this list of cities grim is the one that enjoys more light. You can’t say that in the capital of the Uk it rains more often than in Europe, but the clouds I love this city. Not in vain, if nature gives several consecutive days of sunshine, it is an opportunity for its visitors to enjoy London’s vibrant.

Juneau, USA

Enjoy the sun in about 67 days per year

How could it be sunny the capital of the very Alaska? For this reason, the residents of the largest city of the united States resigned themselves to this peculiarity. Paradoxically, being considered the most large, your part built-up is small. More than 90 per cent of the whole surface stands out for its wild nature predominates the mountain, and a forest intact. If we add to this the lack of sunlight, you understand why it is so sparsely inhabited.

Cologne, Germany

Enjoy the sun, approximately 65 days a year

Cologne is a major cultural and historic center of Germany. Its gothic architecture, famous museums, a unique cathedral, its exhibits and carnival make it a city wide active and noisy. It has a few disadvantages, so few days of sun.

Birmingham, United Kingdom

Enjoy the sun, about 62 days a year

One of the cities largest in the United Kingdom is entirely consistent with the legend of Albión, a place where the sun turns out to be a visitor, rare in these parts. Its climate is mild and humid, without abrupt changes. Two million local inhabitants have been accustomed to live well: a sunny day becomes a real holiday and a good reason to get out to the street, putting off any plan at that moment to enjoy it.

Visitors are advised to prepare for the fact that in the city it’s not too cold, but moisture. There are No excuses to reject the entertainment: museums, monuments, medieval architecture, botanical gardens, and music festivals. You won’t have time to miss the sun.

Kiruna, Sweden

Enjoy the sun, approximately 61 days of the year

“Partridge snow“, which is how you translate the name of this city, is a place to something magical. It has always been associated with legends about alchemists, because its inhabitants since ancient times is dedicated to the mining industry. Is there, somewhere in the bowels of the Earth, where is found the philosopher’s stone. ”The secret of the darkness” of Kiruna lies in its proximity to the arctic circle. That’s why, the sun are staying a short time, from may to July and then the twilights are so close that they become the polar night.

Reykjavik, Iceland

Enjoy the sun, approximately 55 days per year

Coming to the capital of Iceland, so lively and with style, you will not be able to say that the sun is a visitor uncommon. Colorful houses, friendly people, offer plenty of fun and thermal pools are open all year round. It’s all a spa resource! But the sun rarely peeks through here. It is not surprising, given that Reykjavik is the capital city most northerly in the world. One of the peculiarities main in this city is its air, incredibly clean: no industries, the houses are heated with water from hot springs.

Murmansk, Russia

Enjoy the sun, about 53 days a year

Murmansk is above the arctic circle, which generates that the night is eternal, but the day polar brings the longed-for sun. From December to January, the sun does not appear above the horizon, so that the parties, “The first sunrise“ and ”Hello, Sunshine“, are held by all citizens. The meeting “in full sun” is usually on the last Sunday of January.

Prince Rupert, British Columbia, Canada

Enjoy the sun, approximately 52 days of the year

This city grim on the island of Kaien in the Pacific Ocean is surrounded by mountains and the people who prefer a dry and warm climate I never want you as a place of residence.

During 240 days a year it rains here and when it ceases, this enclave is surrounded in a thick fog. Without a doubt the ideal place to shoot movies of suspense. So is your oceanic climate.

However, it is a big city and very important to the canadian economy and can reach the mainland from there across a bridge.

Nikólskoye, Kamchatka, Russia

Enjoy the sun, around 41 days per year

This village murky is located in the severe Bering Island. The light of the sun here is a surprising and rare. Otherwise, the lives of its 700 inhabitants it is quite typical for those who live in the lost places of Russia. In addition, the town has its own airport, which communicates it with the main cities of Kamchatka. Nikólskoye is the only place in Russia where lives a small ethnic group of aleuts. From the Aleutian Islands of Alaska, so it is not surprising that a climate so bleak not be all that surprising.

Tórshavn, Denmark

Enjoy the sun, approximately 35 days per year

Like, in general, happens in Denmark, the level of life of the capital of the Faroe Islands is quite high. Therefore, its inhabitants living happily in the city, recognized as the most blurred between the large settlements. But thanks to the walls of their houses, which are painted all the colors of the rainbow, its lighting in the streets and the decorative elements with which people enliven their homes and gardens, the city you can see beautiful and inviting.

Jan Mayen, Norway

Enjoy the sun, approximately 34 days of the year

The more cloudy the planet is an island, where in the small town of Olonkinbyen live the people who work at multiple stations, state of the surroundings. The island is often covered by a dense fog, which makes the people to be even more dark. The salvation of the depression occurs, with its stunning unspoilt nature in this far corner of Norway. In the picture, a typical day in summer in Jan Mayen.


The small Norwegian town of Rjukan does not see at all the sun for six months, while the remaining six months that are left, depends on luck. And could be the champion of our list if it weren’t for a peculiarity: the sun, here, there is a visitor’s rare, just the city is surrounded by the mountains, by which can not pass through the sun during the winter, as it passes at a very low height.

But finally this problem has been resolved. In 2013, in the mountains were placed mirrors, and now they reflect the sun to direct you directly to the city. Although, for now, this only applies to the central part. And how to live the rest of its inhabitants, better not to know!

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