12 Tips for neuroscientists that will help to delay the aging process

Each one of us wants to stay young as long as possible. But what can you do, if the time does not go back? The majority of scientists are sure that the process of aging can be postponed if you follow some rules. For example, eating mushrooms can help you in this. In this article you will learn more details on food and other methods confirmed by science to prolong youth.

Great.guru believes that the person’s age is only a number. What is more important is how old you feel. Especially for you, we collect the most effective methods that will help you preserve the strength, the mind clear and looking great for a long time.

1. Make friends

If you still don’t have friends, places this task on your list of priorities. Friendship long-term influences in a positive way in the special parts of the chromosomes that are responsible for the aging process. The research shows that the friendship and friendly relations with people allow you to reduce the speed of aging of the brain considerably. At the same time, the more friends you have and the warmer the relationship, the better will be its effect.

2. Practice the dance

People who are physically active can delay the aging process of the brain. At the same time, the effect of the dances considerably exceeds the training intensive, since the noticeable improvement influences positively on the body. Dancing with change of choreography are especially beneficial, as they practice music genres, new combinations, movements, rhythms and speeds. All of this improves memory and learning abilities.

3. Learn to control the stress

The attitude with which we face the situations of life, especially the difficulties, is essential. It is worth to perceive the obstacles as not only a situation of despair, but as a situation from which there is to find the way out. This feeling increases the blood flow to the heart and brain, so it can cause the formation of the hormone cortisol, which helps us in the creation of the defensive reaction against external threats and situations of stress. And this has a direct relationship with the conservation of youth.

4. Mingle

Leads an active lifestyle: chat, make friends, go to festivals, exhibitions and concerts. And do not see your job only as a method to earn money, but also as an opportunity to communicate with interesting people. All of this gives us pleasant impressions and emotions, that make prolong youth.

5. Learn something new

Despite the fact that, with age, the brain starts to work less actively, we can maintain a high level of intellectual skills and the power of abstract thought. To achieve this, you have to know regularly something new and learn it.

To preserve the clarity of mind to an advanced age, a method that is great is to study foreign languages. It is not easy, but after, the results did not take long to appear. In addition, the higher education obtained also prolongs the life and there is nothing surprising in this, because such people, in general, lead a healthy lifestyle, take less and do more sport.

6. Riding a bike

The scientists showed that riding a regular bike slows down the process of aging. In the lovers of this sport does not grow the level of fat and cholesterol in the blood, and the men also retain a high level of testosterone. In addition, cyclists do not lose strength and muscle mass. The body of the lovers of cycling age in an optimal way, without problems that are caused by the absence of regular physical activity. By excluding the cycling activities of a lifestyle accustomed to them, the state of health worsens.

7. Reduce the portions of food

The reduction of the feeding helps to delay the aging of the organism. This leads to changes of biochemical processes in the body which influence the aging process of cells. At the same time, it is important that the agency receive sufficient amount of all the vitamins and nutrients needed. In addition, the reduction portion reduces the frequency of the diseases and gives you more energy.

8. It includes a mushroom white in your diet

American scientists discovered that people who consume white mushrooms regularly feel younger. This is all thanks to the special substances that contain the fungi: ergotioneina and glutathione, which neutralize the damaged cells. In addition, they prevent the appearance of cancer and cardiovascular diseases, as well as Alzheimer’s.

9. Reduces the amount of sweets in your diet

The restriction of sweet is not only useful for the figure, but also prolongs youth of the whole organism.

In conditions of deficiency of carbohydrates, our body begins to produce a chemical that protects the cells of the tissue damage. At the same time, it is recommended to increase the amount of fats useful in the food, which contain such products as fish, meat and vegetable oil. The compliance of such food will help to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and cancer.

10. Tries to communicate by mobile phone as little as possible

The use with too much frequency of the mobile phone can cause premature aging. What happens is that the electromagnetic radiation of the devices damages the blood cells and also affects the liver enzymes, the endocrine glands, the muscles, the heart, the bone marrow and disrupts the balance of hormones.

The scientists of Cairo, they see the risk not only to the owners of mobile phones, but also for the people who live near high tension power lines, plants, and towers for mobile communications. The safe distance from these is of at least 20 metres, and in some cases, of a kilometer. When you communicate by phone, you can use headphones or talk on Skype.

11. Rejects the common phrases

Try to use new answers to the usual questions, like “How are you?” “What’s new?”, “What are you doing?”. Remember stories, memorizing interesting quotes, invents new jokes, and use them in your communication.

If you relate to your words in a creative way, then this stimulates the memory, and the brain centers of speech, the left temporal region of the areas of Wernicke and Broca.

12. Exercises for the coordination

These workouts increase the level of the working capacity of the brain. Try the following exercise:

  • Prepares a lemon and a chair.
  • Lie down face up, placed on the head. Squeeze the lemon between your feet.
  • Lift your legs so that you can put the lemon on the chair.
  • Lower the legs, then levántalas and takes the lemon out of the chair, returning to the initial position.

Young people who have a good physical form you can put the lemon is not only in the chair but on the floor behind the head.

What method did you liked more? Do you have other secrets to preserve your youth?

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