12 Tips that will help you to keep your health

Every day we choose products without suspecting that may be hazardous to our health. When you start to clean up our homes, sometimes we don’t know what places are more dirty.

If you want to avoid risks, to help you a few rules of home life that prepared you the team Great.guru.

12. Kitchen sink

The dishes dirty in the sink with the remains of the food created an environment perfect for the dangerous bacteria that arrive to our hands and then our dishes. Sometimes the toilets are cleaner than the kitchen sink, since the first sanitize at once. Therefore, once a day you have to wash your sink with disinfectant and take this substance to the pipe, where also live many bacteria.

11. Coca Cola Light

The Coca Cola Light contains sugar substitutes such as saccharin, sucralose and aspartame. In large amounts these substances are able to affect the immune system of the oral cavity and to destroy other bacteria that play a key role in the metabolism. Can cause diabetes of the second type, that’s why choose between a Coca Cola normal and diet it is best to select the first.

10. The old mascara and the lip gloss

Doctors recommend to use mascara no more than 3 months after it opened. This is because you transferred too many bacteria to the mucous membrane of the eye and the amount is increasing every day due to the damp environment and the ambient temperature. The lip gloss is best to throw it away once you begin to have an odor, usually this happens after 6 months of having been opened.

9. Containers are not transparent

Often, the beverage manufacturers or stores have products of poor quality on their shelves. To avoid misunderstandings by mold, or some liquid of unknown origin, first served this drink in a glass, then make sure that the liquid corresponds to the beverage purchased and only after you take it.

8. Curtains for bathroom

Practically all of the curtains for the bathroom are made of plastic, under high temperatures and vapor emits toxic substances. That is why it is best to use fabric curtains. And don’t forget to wash them frequently!

7. Shampoo for hair growth

In reality, the shampoo with the vitamins and the shampoo that stimulates hair growth and prevents the fall of the same are nothing more than a marketing strategy that affects only the price of the goods and that the buyer will not be benefited. The hair does not absorb the vitamins, therefore it does not affect its condition and growth, as this depends on the hormone function and blood circulation. Pay attention to the substances surface-active, these dry up dramatically on the scalp, so it is best to avoid them.

6. The old toothbrush

It is necessary to replace the toothbrush every 3 months using it regularly two times a day. With the time it loses its utility and builds up too much bacteria.

5. Straps stretched out bra

With the time the belts are stretched and no longer support the bust. As a result can cause pain in the back or cause breast ptosis. The stretch of the belts is accelerated with the use of the washing machine, but even the careful cautious will not allow you to preserve all the qualities of the garment.

4. Tables to chop

The tables to nibble on are the champions due to the amount of microbes you have, the main rival could be the fiber to wash the dishes. The micro cracks formed on the surface of the table causing the accumulation of bacteria of which get rid is very complicated. Choose from preference tables for chipping of juniper, they contain resin, which hinders the reproduction of the bacteria. Or you can also disinfect your tables with oxygenated water.

3. Shower to shower

The flourishing of micro-organisms in the shower for the shower is benefited by the temperate climate and the water. If you select a plastic watering can, it is preferable that it is removable and can be disinfected or you can change it often. However, it is better to use the watering cans made of metal, since at certain temperatures does not emit toxins.

2. Rugs for the entry

From the street to the home comes a great amount of germs that can be harmful to the people who inhabit it. Don’t let the bags with your food at the entrance and sprayed disinfectant on the mat once a week.

1. Packaged juices

The juices are packaged contain a huge amount of sugar and organic acids that were added artificially. For example, a glass of game of apple contains almost 7 teaspoons of sugar. By its composition it is similar to a soft drink. It is advisable to mix the juice with a little water (in the ratio 1:1) and consume no more than once a week.

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