12 useful Tips that all new parents should learn from the more experienced

The mother of a large family is for many people a heroin. Must do so many things: paying attention to each child, give to eat, pick up the house, washing clothes, and in addition, keep on being a beautiful bride and your mind in balance. Of those mothers, we have much to learn.

That’s why, Great.guru chose for you 12 best tricks from experienced moms that can be used for both large families as well as in the smaller. Take note!

1. Don’t try to save it all in your head

To not go crazy with thousands of things to do, or with the schedules of all the children’s activities, use an agenda or points to all the important information in a visible place. Write down even the smallest of details: when you have to wash clothes, bathe each one, go to the store and what to buy. You can also do these labels on the vials with tablets to make sure before giving you duplicate the pill to your son. If you do, you will descend from the heights to the chaos that is round through your head.

2. Bath time, with joy

Not all children love to swim. If you also suffer from the same problem, test to use these “sticks” LED: if the child feels an interest, the process of bathing will become your favorite after a long day.

3. Prepares an exclusive space for creativity

The packaging of eggs and large boxes can easily be converted to your helpers indispensable for a pure moment of creativity. The games duly organized and accessories ready in time are your insurance against the risk of painted walls and paintings strewn about the table.

4. Develops self-sufficiency

Sometimes it seems that it would be faster to put your shoes or give food to the small to offer a spoon and give the opportunity to do it for himself. After all, after that meal, most likely, you’ll need to not only bathe and change urgently the child, but also to scrub the floor and his chair.

But this way, only you postpone the time that the child becomes self-sufficient. Try to start with the smallest thing: stick it to the inside of each shoe (or any other type of footwear) one-half of a sticker. Thus, the child does not get confused and know which foot should be put the left shoe and their respective rights. Thus you will get a couple of minutes of free time.

5. Serves the food in a right way

Cut the pieces in such a way that the child can eat with the utmost care. The smaller children are, the smaller should be the pieces. A knife for pizza help you cut the pancakes quickly and a holder for ice cream will save the clothes from stains, sticky and undesirable.

6. Organizes how to store toys

The organized storage of the toys is the first step to get used to the small to a certain order. Placed in each room a small box and keep in it, all of the toys are forgotten or abandoned. At the end of the day, ask your little one that fits in its right place.

7. A flight without shouting or tears

Air travel is a acontencimiento that consumes excessive energy. Above all, if the child began to feel bored and you’ll exhausted the forces and ideas to recreate. In this will help you get a collection of stickers for the glass prepared in advance.

8. What should be closed, will be closed

Children, especially those just learning to walk, are keen to open the cabinets that reach to throw its contents all over the floor. Using the rings left over from the curtains of the shower or toys intertwined to places where access is restricted.

9. Store toys tiny in the same place

Have passed 68 years since she was born, Lego, and all that time he has been doing happy both to adults and to children. In order not to lose some of the small parts of this construction toy, used bags or backpacks special to save them. So you can carry the Lego if you visit with your child to a friend’s house and you’ll make sure that nobody step on any of the missing pieces.

10. Teach them what is to work

Offer your children the opportunity to earn a bit of money creating a “list price” for services rendered. So, to kill several birds with one stone: teach children to work and to value the money and you’ll get an extra help in the home.

11. Returns the floor to its original state

A wooden floor painted with felt pens, you can return to your original state with the help of a pasta of teeth normal. Just apply a little of the same on the stain and rub the stain well with a sponge or a paper napkin.

12. Park balls in an inflatable pool

Inflatable pool for kids can easily be converted into a playground for the smaller and more active. Just inflate the pool, adds to it some of the favorite toys of your child, and you’ll have a couple of free hours secured.

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