12 Ways to trick the body to quickly get out of an unpleasant situation

Laziness unexpected, nausea, and severe headaches, all of this happens in the most inopportune moment. The only good thing is that over the years of study of our body, scientists have found dozens of strategies that will help to fool ourselves and face these surprises.

Great.guru has chosen the 13 tricks more interesting and useful.

1. If you took too much at a party and the room began to spin, put your hand or foot on a flat surface (table, shelf)

The alcohol dilutes the blood in the dome, the part of the ear that is responsible for the vestibular apparatus. The brain ceases to be oriented, so that the space around starts to spin. When we put an arm or a leg on a flat surface, the brain receives a new starting point, and the dance of the walls stops.

  • By the way, the nerves in the arm are more sensitive, so that with the hand this method works best with the leg.

2. Coughing to reduce the pain

If they have to draw blood from your finger, but you are afraid of the pain, begins to cough lightly during the procedure. The cough increases the pressure in the chest and inhibits circulation nerve. This helps to reduce the pain.

  • By the way, studies show that swearing also helps to reduce the pain. But we do not recommend cursing in an appointment with the doctor.

3. If you’re talking on the phone and hear you not the person you’re talking to, about the phone in the right ear

The left hemisphere of our brain is devoted to deciphering the information that is heard, and the right is good to distinguish the tonality of the sounds. That is to say, the right ear perceives best speech quick and informative, and the left ear is well notes.

4. For not to sneeze tap with your finger on the area below the nose

Do not completely cover your nose and mouth. This will create a lot of pressure and you can damage your ear. Put your finger in the area under your nose. Or just rubs up against the bridge of the nose for a few seconds.

  • This affected one of the nerves involved in the process of sneezing.

5. To dispose of the dream contains the breathing

Breathing exercises are common help relieve the fatigue and sleepiness. Inhale deeply and hold the air for 10 seconds, then exhale slowly. Thanks to this, the heart rate will increase and this will wake you up instantly.

6. If you are in a bad mood, squeeze a pencil with your teeth

Another exercise that works without fail. This action activates the muscles that we use when we smile. Help to fool our brain and lifts your mood.

7. If you have itching in the throat, scratch your ear

Sometimes, the throat may itch unbearably and it is not always possible rascarla. If this happens, squeeze the lobe of the ear with the fingers and gently massaged: the itching will disappear in this very moment.

  • The fact is that the nerves of the ear are connected with the throat. When we rascamos the ear, also stimulate the muscles of the throat and this frees us from the itch.

8. If you ate too much, chew a piece of gum

If you ate a lot at a party or in the house of your grandmother, so as not to suffer the weight in the stomach you can chew a chewing gum. This speeds up the production of saliva and the secretion of gastric juice, which causes the food to digest a little faster.

  • By the way, chewing gum helps in case of indigestion or heartburn.

9. To calm you down when you’re really nervous, put your thumb in your mouth

If you’re very nervous, try this trick. Put your thumb in your mouth and try to exhale the air, puffing your cheeks. Such exercise stimulates the vagus nerve. The studies demonstrate that an action on the vagus nerve helps slow the heart rate and calm the nerves.

  • Dr. Arun Ghosh of the Hospital Spire Liverpool explains that the thumb of the hand convey the nerve impulses. Therefore, if you are massaging, or simply what you breath, it will help you to calm down.

10. To prevent heartburn, lie on your left side

The stomach has a shape hunched. The position on the left side prevents the contents of the stomach return to the esophagus and prevents the stomach acidity.

11. To get rid of the headache, place your hands up to the elbows under a stream of cold water for a few minutes

Put your hands up to the elbow under a stream of cold water for a few minutes. Then bring them out and scrub them with a towel until you feel a slight tingling. This method works the same as the heat treatment. The temperature differences will help to make run the blood and relieve headaches.

12. To get rid of the nausea, tap the inside of the wrist

Find a point that is 3 centimeters from your palm on the inside of your wrist. Press strongly on this area on both sides of the wrist, then rub with force in a circular motion.

  • This how to get rid of the nausea comes from the chinese medicine. The relief occurs within 5 minutes.

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