12 Stories of people who deserve a medal for his cunning

12 Historias de personas que merecen una medalla por su astucia

Every day life brings us many events curious and, thanks to multiple pages of the Internet, the users share it with the world.

Great.guru gathered for you 12 real-life stories, each of which is a piece of someone’s life.

  • My boyfriend is amazing. Yesterday we started to fight, I told him I no longer wanted to see again and he simply turned off the light! How can I argue with him?
  • In the childhood I was sick a lot. The endless doctor visits, I just get sick! I told my parents: “I’m fed up, is there any medicine magic take it and heal me?”. The next day, dad came to my room shouting: “I found it!”. He passed Me a small bottle of glass and told me: “If you take it, you heal fast, it’s a magic potion”. The green thing on the bottle convinced me that the drink truly was magical. I took it and showed signs of improvement. Then I discovered that “the potion miraculous” it was just a soft drink that is sold in any store.
  • The only way to stop smoking using the book Allen Carr is to ask your friends to use it to slap you in the face every time that your handheld searches for a cigarette. More or less that was how I stopped smoking, because the book did not help me in anything…
  • On the metro front of me had a nice girl who was staring shamelessly at the boy in front of her. Suddenly she pulled out a sheet of paper from his bag, wrote something and threw the note on the hood of the young man. Apparently, five minutes later, she changed her mind. He stretched out the hand to pick up the sheet. The boy realized, it put the hood on the head and the sheet fell to the floor. I was waiting to see what would happen after. The boy picked up the paper and dialed the number written on it. The mobile of the girl rang and she, with his red face, he looked like a tomato, embarrassed. When I got out of the train, the two of them were already chatting.
  • I was writing a note to explain why he had been late to work. I couldn’t think of anything, so I wrote that I had heard on the radio the song of Ricky Martin “La Mordidita,” I began to sing and dance, and then it occurred to me to put all of its repertoire of 90’s and 2000’s. I forgave and I don’t fined in the end.
  • What a shame! In the operating room the anesthesiologist was trying to wake up from the anesthesia, I was hitting with a finger on the forehead, telling me something. I opened one eye and asked: “do you think that is a woodpecker?” The whole operating room laughed. Clear that I don’t remember anything, was told to me by a nurse.
  • I discovered that my husband was cheating thanks to the electronic scale. I very much care for my weight, always in control. I found it in the scale memory a figure I had not seen before. I thought about it a lot, I couldn’t remember at what point I came to regret both. Then I got it. I asked him directly. He was very surprised, but accepted it. My husband didn’t know that the balance was “smart”. More intelligent than he.
  • My sister had twins. Came to visit me, leaving the girls with her husband. We spent a nice day, in the evening returned to his house to see how she had gone to her husband. An hour later a message came to me: “I Never adivinarías what I came up with to distinguish the girls!” and the photos of his daughters: one had the number 1 on the front and the other, the number 2!
  • My grandmother bet on that I could not eat 25 dumplings yours. I laughed and told him that I was underestimating. I was eating the number 24 and 25 was not in the dish. Soon my grandmother pulled it out of the fridge a ravioli the size of a melon… he Won the bet.
  • I found in the house of my late grandfather, a chest, I had a good time trying to open it. I thought I had a treasure. When finally I opened it, I saw the note: “Here was a bottle of rum 20 years, I wanted to give to the grandson, but as I don’t have great grandchildren, I took it. Now read it and realize what failed that you are! Oh, and the rum was magnificent. ¡Jojojo!”.
  • If you come to a few visits to see me, always chatting with joy, share news, help with the cooking candy, joke, sing and play board games. My friends love to come to my house. They say that it is a special environment. My secret is simple: I don’t have Internet, so that people have to communicate, not to look at their screens.
  • I was walking with my 4 year old son. Among other neighbors, we have a couple of chinese that do not speak Spanish. There were three chinese children playing in a sandpit, with their bikes to a side. My son liked one of these vehicles. Looked at him for about five minutes, then took courage and said: “Guys, do let me ride your bike? I would like to use this. Do you understand Me? Can I do that?”.
    The children had not understood. Then my son sighed and, pointing to the bike with a finger, he said, “SINKHANCHONCHINKHANCHONCHIKHAN!”. After a pause of 5 seconds, the owner of the bike stood up, took your transport and, in silence, passed it to my son and returned to sit in the sandbox without uttering a single sound. My son, happy life, was to take a stroll through the park. And I never knew this trick was allowed.

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