12 Stories that prove that a family really can’t live without humor

Are you one of the people who do not believe as you learn and grow and are entering into a family, there is less room for laughter? Well, congratulations, you are correct.

In Great.guru we bring you several stories that prove the importance of the sense of humor in any circumstance of life.

  • I was very good student in school. A typical girl of honor, in the first row always and I behaved perfectly well. One day they called my mom to school. Not told me what it was. Well, I was home, all worried. He returned to my mom. He had been given a special mention and a gift for having educated a girl as good as me. She sat down next to me on the sofa, looked at me and said, “Daughter, hear me, do not you stuck in school? No. How strange, in my time, yes I would glue to the children as well”.
  • My 11-year old brother fell in love with a girl of your living room. One day I saw the Facebook of she and the state had was: “Come and hold me… I feel very cold without your hugs”. After I looked at my brother and was writing a letter to Santa, asking for a piggy bank with a counter of coins and a lamp flying. Apparently, the girl was going to freeze.
  • My mom tells me that it will be better for you to give birth in August. It is a month of vegetables and birthdays come out cheaper. Do a couple of salads and since.
  • When my parents begin to argue very strongly, breaking dishes and threatening each other, our cat faints. Each time this happens, they are very frightened, they agree and take him to the vet. And, well, make peace on the way. This stuffed animal is the guardian of our family.
  • My neighbors have 7 children: 4 boys and 3 girls. In addition, they have 4 dogs (2 are crossed, a huge shepherd and an akita) and 9 cats (almost all rescued). The husband spends all day working and appears in the house only for lunch and to sleep. The wife works nights, is an instructor of fitness. Always smells of delicious things there, the house is always clean (sometimes they invite me to take tea), the children are good students and are very independent. Very often spend the weekends all together. You are very kind, cheerful, sympathetic and friendly. I think we are satanists…
  • I have my own company. I once had an interesting case: I approached the secretary and asked me for permission to leave before time. I asked him what was going on. She said to me that he did not eat after 18 and her daughter had prepared for him a sweet birthday. Yes, I let her go.
  • I was walking with my husband through the store. In a moment he stood with the cart and began to do something with his cell phone. I was full of diapers, baby food and other things. I walked up and threw all of this to our cart. Suddenly I saw a young man with eyes as well O_O, I said: “Is it for me?“ I realized that I had almost the same jacket as my husband, gray with red stripes. Me, confused: ”Sorry!” I pulled out quickly all my things from his car, viré head and my husband was on the side watching the scene. I walked up to him, I put everything in the truck. My husband rolled his eyes as well O_O and I said in a loud voice: “what’s It to me?” The young man grabbed his things and flew out of there almost without looking back.
  • I went today to get me new shoes for the winter. Next to me sat a dad with his little boy, trying out a pair of boots. Dad: “do You like these? To see, try them out, do you not tighten?“ Son: ”Yes, these. I like!“ The father, helping him to put the second boot: “it is Not very expensive, we will buy.” The child in a state of shock: ”what we will Buy and already? What we’re not going to see more? Daddy, today I’m going to buy things only with you, okay?”
  • New Year. I’m going to the house of my neighbors, I put on the costume of Santa and a sack of gifts call to my door. My wife opens up: “oh, Santa came and brought gifts!“ Luis, our son of 3 and a half years is standing at the side of the wall and looks at me without blinking. ”Hello child! How do you call? Do tell Me a story or sing to me a song?“ And we continue to. My son told, sang, received their gifts and I was already about to leave. Before that I asked him: “do you Have any other desire before I go, Luisito?” His response killed me: ”don’t forget to remove the slippers of my dad!”
  • The psychologist of our company is the wife of the director-general. One day, a new companion after a strong argument with the boss went to see the psychologist, to calm down. Came out of there very happy. We missed his reaction and asked him what had happened. The told us that without knowing that it was his wife, complained about the boss. To which she replied: “Well, yes, he gets too aggressive, he’s always waving their arms. What if you imagine that is an octopus and instead of arms it has tentacles? It will help you! I do it as well”.
  • My mom was hospitalized for two weeks. Before going to the hospital will put on a sweater to one of my little brothers and left us with dad. Two weeks passed, she returned home and saw my brother with the same sweater, but very dirty, with traces of mush yesterday and another meal from previous days. My mom asks my father if he us not caring or what. And my dad responds: yes, I care, yes. But I would like to see trying to get rid of that sweater. He would cry right away and kept repeating: “My mom put it, my mom had me remove it”.

And what funny stories you passed on to you? Do you want to share with us? You can follow the topic in the comments, and so to lift the spirits of all of us!

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