12 Stories about dating failures with you don’t know if to cry or to laugh

An appointment is always something very exciting which is also intimidating, especially at the beginning of a relationship. The protagonists of our article simply wanted the first meeting with the person who aspired to be perfect, but it spent a little. For example, a young woman, on the eve of the appointment, he decided to smear the lips with cinnamon oil, so that suffered an allergy very strong, scaring both with his appearance the gentleman, that this lost knowledge. Another young man also terrorized her guest after you have learned all about their tastes and preferences, absolutely EVERYTHING. And these are not the stories strongest that have happened to the protagonists of our collection today. You still have the most fun.

Great.guru has compiled for you 12 the stories most shameful about dating failed that circulate through the social networks.

  • During an appointment, my boyfriend invited me to go to the theater. I put on a evening dress, I did a hairstyle, it took me 2 hours to put my makeup on… The evening went perfectly, after the show we went to his house. All the time I noticed admiring glances from the men toward me, so I was very proud of myself. When we arrived at his house, I entered a moment in the bathroom, I was pensive and… as usual, I took off all the makeup. Given that my bag was outside, I had to leave the bathroom as-is. It turned out that my boyfriend had a good sense of humor and greeted me with the phrase “Miss, what and who are you?”.
  • My friend really liked a girl. Before reaching out, finding out everything she could about her: I wanted to surprise her. To the appointment, went with her favorite flowers, took her to their favorite restaurant, he asked for his favorite dishes, even dressed in the style that she liked. During the conversation, let go of all the issues that had found out about it, in addition, with all luxury of details. I wanted to cautivarla full. In the end, the young man ran away from him yelling “get skinny maniac!”.
  • I read that the cinnamon oil makes your lips more voluminous and eye-catching, so I bought it and I applied it on my lips an hour before the appointment and then I woke up in the hospital: a strong allergy. My boyfriend was worried because it took a long time to arrive, went to my house, knocked on the door, hit many times, asked for the emergency key to my neighbor (I’d given it), entered my apartment and found me there, lying on the ground, with the lips as the back of a macaque. Finally, my hero fell unconscious. It was a memorable quote.
  • I have a twin brother, only our parents know how to distinguish ourselves. In adolescence, I was quite active in regard to meet girls, while my brother, on the contrary, he was very shy. I once met a young man and decided to “pass it” to him. In the second appointment, I sent him to take my place and all was going well until the park came the ex-boyfriend of this and hit him. Since then, my brother solve the problems of your personal life on your own.
  • A young man invited me to an appointment and try to meet close to my house. We walked, we talked… all Of a sudden, he says, looking around: “What a good neighborhood, I have never been here. Do you want to see where I live?”. We hopped on a tram and we will, after we changed to the metro and continue. We went down… in my own neighborhood, but on another street. I do not say anything, just exclaim: “What a good area, everything very green! Do you want to see a trick?”. Hopped on the tram, we went 2 stops, and we went back to the place where we had been. The guy went into a state of shock. It turns out that they have moved recently to our city and still not know to move well. We thought we lived far away from one another, in different parts of the city.
  • I was for a walk with an acquaintance and I decided to take my dog with me. I told him that would have to be accompanied, but that the surprise will like. And he, in secret, decided to organize a “quote” for your friend. We met in the park, I’m back with my dog in her arms and, suddenly, I give it a half turn. I had never seen before a few faces revealing as much surprise. In that exact moment, the friend of my acquaintance says: “actually, I prefer blondes”.
  • Had a lot of work in the institute of anatomy and I forgot the quote and the movie. My new boyfriend called my house (then there was no mobile phones). My grandmother answered the phone. He asked me to put me on the phone and my grandmother replied: “Elena is still in the morgue, but soon will return home.” The guy never called me back.
  • I squeezed a small pimple on the nose before a first date with so much force that I broke the nasal septum. I am a lucky girl.
  • A guy invited my friend to his house. She wanted to surprise you, put on a suit of the nurse, it was put on a coat and went to the appointment… At the entrance, removed his coat, took a pose seductive and rang the bell. The door opened, it was the boy’s mother. “Do you called an ambulance?”. It was the only thing my friend could say. It turned out that the young man wanted to present it to your mom.
  • My grandmother-she taught me since my childhood to understand classical music. I once went to an appointment and the guy started to say that he was a musician and played in an orchestra very important. But three times she was confused by composer and work. At first I thought it could happen to anyone, but then jumped out of the alerts and I started to get suspicious. I asked him more questions to verify the issue in detail. It turned out to be an electrician, claimed to be a musician to conquer the girls.
  • I realized that my husband is a rare type, still at the first appointment, when I suggested to him that would make me any question, promising to answer it, quite frankly (it is supposed that the question would have shades sex). But he not understand, did not understand anything at all and I asked the following question: “What type of potatoes do you prefer in the soup? When they are cut into pieces large or small?”.
  • I met her at a club to a man who really liked me. We went to her house, I walked in the bathroom and for some reason I decided to look in the cupboard under the sink. There, in the boats, floating bodies, covered alcohol, there were a number of skulls. I locked myself in that room and called the police. In the end, this maniac it turned out to be professor of anatomy at a medical university, and all I saw were things that he was preparing for his department. It was all very embarrassing. But he, as if nothing, laughed at me and even invited me to a second appointment.

How was your appointment most unsuccessful, but at the same time, comical? Please share your story with us!

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