12 Stories about the love of animals towards their owners, which will make you feel a knot in the throat

Although, the feelings of the animals have been object of study for centuries, does not need to be a rocket scientist to know that some are able to develop strong emotional bonds towards the human beings. Many of those who have been fortunate to have a pet we can safely say that they love us, and some we have the certainty that they would give their lives for us.

Today, in Great.guru decided to get sentimental, so we have prepared for you 12 stories poignant, funny, surprising, and even heroic featuring animals that gave the world a lesson in loyalty thanks to the love that they felt for their owners.

1. Awning: the cat in the cemetery

In the region of Montagna, Italy, lives an Awning, a cat whose story of loyalty and love leaves in ridiculous to that popular belief that felines are insensitive.

From its owner Renzo Lozelli passed away in the year 2011, Awning has not ceased to visit his grave every day, and took the twigs, leaves and even plastic cups as a gift.

2. The inspiring story of Hachiko

It was obvious that the Akita most famous of all time would appear in this list. Hachiko inspired by cinema and literature, and is an icon of contemporary culture thanks to its touching story that was developed in the 1920’s. This is a dog that lived next to a college professor named Hidesamuro Ueno in Tokyo, Japan.

The locals boast that Hachiko went every night at the Shibuya train station to meet the professor when he came from work to return home together. In 1925, Ueno passed away leaving only his friend. Since then, for 11 years, the dog did not let go every night to the station to wait for his owner; looking at the cars with the hope of downloading any of them.

One of the students of Ueno learned of what was happening, and decided to publish his story; it turned out to be so emotional that rose to fame in the national and international quickly. The die Hachiko, 9 years later, a statue was erected in the train station to remember their loyalty.

Hachiko is not only conquered the world with the memory of his love, but also helped to save his race; already before this dog became known, there was only one 30 akitas in Japan.

3. Canelo, the dog of Cadiz

At the end of the 1980s in Cadiz, Spain, a man whose name is unknown, lived alone with his dog named Canelo. As the lord was suffering from kidney problems, could vérsele with your pet the way to the Hospital Door behind them frequently for dialysis.

Upon arrival, the patient went on to receive her treatment while Canelo was on the doors of the building, waiting for him to return home together. One day, the lord suffered complications and died in the hospital. Since that day, the dog waited for 12 years on the doors, offering resistance to anyone who tried to move it.

In the year 2002, Canelo was run over and killed on the outskirts of the hospital. However, his unconditional love was immortalized by the gypsy people in a monument and a street named in his honor.

4. The eternal love of Harry

David decided to take Harry, her african grey parrot, to the vet for a reason, very strange. Every time he came in from work to greet him, he vomited over. The diagnosis of the expert was surprising, since the bird was not sick, but in love.

“These birds, when they go to courting the female, they spit the seeds of his crop and is offered to you; so they say I love you in your language”, explained David Perpignan, veterinary Hospital, Zoo de Badalona in Barcelona, during an interview with channel BBC.

The vet will recommended David to find him a girlfriend to Harry, a solution that reduced the problem. However, they are still the best of friends.

5. The affection the fierce of Christian

Christian is the name of a lion that was adopted in 1969 by australians John Rendall and Anthony Burke in London, England. The owner of a local zoo sold him to the young people for 250 guineas (gold coin ancient, used in the Uk) because it was a puppy, very naughty and difficult to take care of.

Rendall and Burke kept in your department, place where it is fed, played with him and made him very happy. However, as they grow up, they had to find a new home because it had become too big. Christian lived in a furniture shop and even a cemetery for the city.

The owners of the feline realized that he would be better off in their natural habitat, so they decided to ask for help to George Adamson, a renowned conservationist in kenya who agreed to give Christian a place in the National Park Kora in Kenya.

In 1971, after finding out that reintegration into the nature of the lion had been a success, Rendall and Burke decided to travel to Kenya to visit his friend. The reaction of the cat to be reunited with their adoptive parents was documented in a video and surprised the whole world, and, after a brief moment of caution, she jumped with joy to embrace those who you cared for.

This case has been around the world and even starred in the documentary Christian the Lion, produced by World’s End.

6. The courageous Rex

The march 21, 2018, Javier Mercado, a young man of 16 years old, and Rex, her German shepherd, were at their home in Washington, united States. The two friends were watching television until they heard some strange noises on the ground floor; so Rex decided to go to investigate.

The teen looked out the window and noticed strange vehicles parked outside. He also heard cries of unknown exclaiming, “The dog bit me!”, “Catch the dog”.

The can, covered in blood, she climbed to the second floor with the boy to accompany him. Together, they entered the closet with a phone to call the emergency. When the criminals went armed to the room and discovered the hideout, the wounded animal jump to save his owner, getting 4 shots, but managing to attack the intruders.

Fortunately this story has a happy ending. The authorities arrived, was taken to the evildoers and, more importantly, Rex survived after receiving veterinary care and several surgeries. Without a doubt, a great story of courage and friendship.

7. The last words of the bird world’s smartest

The name of the parrot yaco, more intelligent world is the acronym for Avian Learning Experiment, to be the object of an experiment that lasted 30 years. It was performed initially in 1976 by the psychologist animal Irene Pepperberg, University of Arizona, and later, at Harvard University, alongside the University of Brandeis, united States.

Irene bought Alex in a pet store and took care of him since he was very small in order to check the levels of intelligence of the animal. The results were so impressive that it changed the opinion of the scientific community of that time, which held that these birds could only say words by imitation.

Alex not only had the intelligence of a child of 5 years and a large vocabulary, but also had a big heart and loved his teacher Irene about all things. Not be separated from her during the sessions and always was calling her or telling her “I love You”, “don’t go”.

Alex died one night in his cage without apparent cause at the age of 30 (young for his species, often 50 or more). Pepperberg account that on the night he died, when they parted to go to sleep, Alex said as last words: I love You, I know good. Pepperberg wrote a book called Alex and me , which recounts his experiences with him.

8. Battalion, the hero that faced the fire

The 14 of February of the year 2018, John Suazo and his dog Battalion were trapped in a fire that occurred at his home in Copiulemu, Chile.

The golden golden retriever he guided his owner, 71-year-old to a safe exit after help you get out of a window in which he had been caught, saving well from a sure death. Both survived, enjoy good health and remain best friends.

Mr. Suazo told in an interview for the “24 Hours” which, in the year 2010, the Battalion was his companion during the earthquake in that country, an occasion that put in danger the eyes of the animal, so you invested all your money and time to have a long treatment that would save his vision. Without a doubt, Battalion, and John will be together all life.

9. The hope of Frankje

Michele attacking scarponi, champion cyclist of the Tour of the Alps in the year 2011, he lived with his Macaw Frankje in Fillotrano, Italy. Both were inseparable.

Frankje accompanied the attacking scarponi in the greatest of his passions: cycling. While the athlete was training on the roads near your home, the bird rose to the handlebar or flying above him, following him on the tour. Sometimes, when we felt tired, we rested in one of the signs that I was on the road to see happen to its owner.

On April 22, 2017, attacking scarponi died run over by a van while training on the route, leaving a void in the cycling world, and an immense pain in the heart of the bird blue. Since that time, Frankje sits each day in the sign of the place that both he toured with its owner with the hope of seeing him go and return home together.

The cyclist, who died at the age of 37, he was buried with his uniform favorite, the one that had the colors of the beautiful plumage of Frankje.

10. Bobby, the guardian unconditional

Bobby was a little dog that lived in Edinburgh, Scotland, with his master, police officer John Gray. He was known and loved by all their neighbors because they knew how to do all kinds of tricks and was very smart.

Unfortunately, John died on 15 February 1858 cause of tuberculosis, leaving only one and very sad to your furry friend. Bobby attended the funeral and was at the side of their owner at all times until they buried him; from then, the dog decided to stay to live in the cemetery to guard the tomb of the person he loved most.

11. Masha, mom to the rescue

In Moscow, Russia, a stray cat saved an abandoned baby near a garbage container. The animal shared its heat with the infant weeks of age for several hours until a lady from a nearby house found the couple in the middle of the snow.

According to the news transmitted by the channel Russian Zvezda in January 2015, Masha (as they called the neighbors), I didn’t want to turn away from the baby when they arrived, first responders, offering resistance while trying to pull it off; even chased the ambulance as it drove away.

Today, Masha and her baby with human foster living together with a family that loves you. Without a doubt, a beautiful story of maternal with a happy ending.

12. Salty, a hero in the September 11 attacks

The September 11, 2001, the engineer colombian Omar Eduardo Rivera was working in his office next to his guide dog Salty, on the floor 71 of the first tower of the iconic Twin Towers.

At 8:45 in the morning, Rivera heard a sound thunderous and noticed that the building had begun to tremble: a plane had just hit the tower. The panic invaded all who were trapped in that hell of 417 metres. The man, who was blind, took the strap of Salty, and made to go towards the exit down the stairs.

Omar considered that it could not be saved, due to their visual impairment and the chaos caused by desperate people; so that decided to surrender and release the strap of Salty for that, at least, he could survive. The brave labrador, after noticing that its owner had fallen behind, turned to look for him.

The two friends managed to get off the 71 floors and out of the building alive, a journey that took more than an hour. Minutes after that were able to take shelter away from the disaster, the twin towers collapsed, marking a before and after in the history of the world.

What Darwin said…

Although his theories were swimming in the counter current to all the assumptions of the time, in 1872, Charles Darwin argued in his book The Expression of Emotions in Animals and in Man the idea that emotions are not exclusively human; editing based on 30 years of observations made at the people and pets of different cultures.

Although they have been more than 100 years since the publication of the book in question, the feelings and the consciousness of animals continue to be a matter of curiosity for the science, since they are the key to understanding all sides of the evolution and complexity of living beings.

Companion animals have played an important role in the human experience since the beginnings of our life on earth: we have pleased, provided teachings, helped in various tasks, and even saved his life. We still have a lot to learn about them; their loyalty unselfishness and his ability to love unconditionally.

Knowing this, do you think that humanity should rethink the way it treats animals? What is your pet and you have some amazing history that is worth knowing?

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