12 People who found creative ways to create your tree safe from pets

Let’s all hope for this magical moment: our families, our friends and especially our lovely pets! Each member of our family wants to participate in the decoration of the Christmas tree, to leave its mark on him, and to obtain that light energy. But sometimes our four-legged friends are elated when it comes to christmas decorations.

Great.guru prepared 12 ways to be crazy and effective to protect your decorations, and your nerves in front of these disasters. Enjoy and enter into the festive spirit with us!

“No, this tree is not half done. It is already ready”.

All pet lovers will understand what this means. If your pet is not too large, this way of decorating your Christmas tree will be quite appropriate. It will be a tree 2-in-1 for you and your pet. Everyone wins!

Merry Christmas upside down!

If you don’t want to fix your Christmas tree as on the previous council, we also have for you detailed instructions so you can hang it with all the ornaments and decorations of a somewhat different form: the other way around. It’s unusual and adds some more magic to your home.

A tree from another world

You can even improve the idea of trees hanging creating portals that open on to them as if you were taking a tree from another world. It adds a little more magic to your Christmas!

Only things of christmas.

Maybe this will help you to protect your christmas decorations if you have a pet, medium, or large. There are also two advantages: you and your pet can admire the tree and there will be no surprises when you get home.

A fence made of gifts.

If a cage does not meet your aesthetic requirements, try this. Looks elegant and your pet will get confused when you get to the tree. In addition, all the gifts are out of sight, so that you can be sure that nobody will touch.

Lamp christmas.

What do you think of a celebration more tropical? You don’t even have to go on holiday to warm countries! You can create this environment with the development of a lamp-palm tree.

Or you can just put things like camel toy under some branches with ornaments.

Let’s imagine that there is a tree.

Do you have branches with chuzos? do decorations with your pet as if it were one of them? This is the best way to solve this. Just try to argue that it is not a tree traditional. If you want you can add something similar to their fruits in the form of a pineapple. Well, at least you can feel their smell.

Do not judge a tree by its cover.

If you are one of those who love to read, this is the best opportunity to display your library, and maybe challenge your friends. In addition, your pet probably will not be able to move it and not destroy a tree so tough.

If you still want a Christmas tree traditional…

…you can do it. At least you’ll have a tree completely decorated. And you can also adapt it more easily the next Christmas, because in this envelope will maintain its appearance for many years.

Do we really need a tree for Christmas?

We all have gifts, we have many decorative trim and have a pet that wants to be the main tree of our Christmas. We are ready to celebrate!

A tree alternative.

If you can’t put a Christmas tree, because you’ll be on vacation but still want one, there is an alternative for you. Has several functions: it is a typical christmas tree, you can use it as decoration and have an odor. How many trees you know with this variety of functions?

These are probably the trees more expensive and resistant of all times.

They look beautiful and untouchable. But the best thing is that people “try” first.

“I’m a star. A huge and terrible star”

All of these Life Hacks to protect our Christmas tree show that our imagination and creativity knows no bounds. For this, we must be grateful to the members of the 4 legs of our family! Always help us and if they are a little more excited than we are with their christmas spirit, it’s probably best to join them and do everything possible to prepare for the celebration perfect for our house. Do you agree?

I share our experiences! Share your tricks for decorations to test pets with us in the comments.

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