12 clear Signals that he is crazy for you

“Men seldom speak of what they feel. So, if you want to know what he feels for you and what your intentions are, you should ask it from the front or pay attention to their mannerisms and their habits,” says Patti Wood, the famous psychologist american author of books about body language, with more than 30 years of experience.

After reading your book, Great.guru chose the gestures unconscious more obvious that you will understand that it is crazy for you.

1. Listen and remember

If she likes you a man, he will want to know everything about you. Every detail, every story, even the most insignificant. In addition to, literally, remember all that you have said: what is your favorite ice cream, and the name of your pet, what school you went to.

When a man really listens, tilts his head slightly to one side. Seeing that it has inclined the head, change the subject of conversation. If you are still with the head tilted, then he is interested in you. And if the straightens, then, was only interested in the topic of the conversation.

2. Take care of your posture

If a man who is standing or sitting next to you, straighten the back, open the shoulders and put the hands on the waist, you are witnessing the manifestation of one of the instincts most ancient: so you want to appear bigger, stronger and more beautiful.

Although some men, on the contrary, are inclined to be next to a woman. In general, this is typical of people high, the lean feel that they are more close to the woman.

3. Fits or dishevel the hair

When you see someone attractive, instinctively we begin to put ourselves in order and, in the first place, we settled in the hair. If you do that, it means that you are nervous and fixes her hair trying to give him the confidence. By the way, not only what men do.

4. Your behavior on social networks

As we live in the era of the media, it’s also worth to pay attention to how it behaves online. If you like, you will subscribe to all of your profiles on social networks, comment on and “likeará” your posts.

  • What makes that you are mindful of him, and to know what is happening in your life.

5. Smiles a lot when you talk to him

Here there are two moments: in the first place, we smile instinctively when we see something pleasant. Secondly, smile makes a person look more attractive. If you are in a group of people and he smiles whenever you talk, then clearly you do not are indifferent.

  • But you must know how to distinguish a sincere smile from a false. When you only see the upper teeth, it is very likely that it is a fake smile. In a real smile are involved all over the face: the forehead goes up, the eyes narrow, and wrinkles appear.

6. It touches on the face

When a man wants to touch your lips or on your neck, touch his own. This happens unconsciously in a face to face conversation. Projected onto himself the actions that you cannot perform at this time to relieve the tension.

  • But you have to know how to differentiate this feature of a bad habit: if you do the same thing in different situations, the more likely it will be a habit.

7. Raise your eyebrows

It may seem strange, but it does not always raise the eyebrows to express surprise. Sometimes, it is unconscious that helps us to open our eyes when we like what we see. If he raises eyebrows when you’re saying something, it is because you are interested in you.

8. You are interested in what you like

The interest of a man by the things that you like is one of the clearest signs of great sympathy.

Will go to the exhibition of your favorite artist, will test the dish you like the most and up you will see your soap opera of choice. Will try to test it, or at least understand it, most of the things that you like.

9. Tries to touch you

Will try to touch you to see how you react: you will remove a tab, you will accommodate a lock of hair or give you a hand in order to avoid that trip.

  • But beware: if you in absolutely any situation looking for an excuse to touch you, then you are most likely only interested in the intimate contact.

10. Do not pay attention to the phone

When a person we really like and we are having a conversation with her, we will try to avoid any distraction. If she likes you to a man, will reject any call, put the phone in silent mode or directly save it so that nothing can distract you.

11. You write in the morning or at night before you go to sleep

Pay attention to the hours in which you write. If you do in the morning, then you’re the first thing on what you think when you wake up. The same applies to the messages before going to bed.

Another sign of his interest for you is the time it usually takes to respond to messages. If the response comes almost instantly, then you’re definitely more important to him than anything else.

12. Cross or open your legs when sitting

If you seem sexually attractive to a man, you may unconsciously open your legs when you sit. A pose like that is a way of demonstration of force, that has been formed evolutionarily.

  • The same can be said of the crossed legs in the area of the ankles. By crossing the legs this way, you can take the body forward and be closer to you.

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