12 Situations that will confront the world when Elizabeth II leave

It is no secret the fact that Elizabeth II holds the record of the reign longest in the history of Great Britain. The queen already has 91 years, which leads 65 to the head of the british throne. All the world has become accustomed to this powerful monarch, but, what will happen when Elizabeth II is no longer among us?

The wording of Great.guru has prepared for you the material that reveals everything that will happen after the world is aware of this loss so important.

12 days of mourning

The whole country is stopped as soon as the inhabitants of the United Kingdom to know of the death of Elizabeth II. Literally. The life as planned and the british will cease to be for 12 days as a minimum. It will have begun the mourning.

Multimillion-dollar losses

The mourning will affect absolutely everything. But what is more important is that the London Stock exchange will stop its work. In the modern world, where time is money, a pause so long it means huge financial losses. In fact, Britain will lose thousands of millions of pounds. And given that London is one of the financial centers of the world, the losses from its closure will affect other countries.

The activation of the secret protocol RATS

In the case of the death of Elizabeth II, the BBC will activate a secret system that will notify people via radio about what happened. This protocol is used from almost a hundred years ago to announce the death of real people of high rank. The signal of RATS is sufficient to initiate an emergency action plan developed in the smallest detail. But not only will be involved machines: a lackey with livery of mourning be placed on the gate of Buckingham palace an ad in a special frame, so that the visitors and the citizens of the country can find out about the sad news. This is a very old tradition.

Published obituaries prepared in advance

The largest agencies in the world have already prepared valuable obituaries: the death of queen Elizabeth II, will be a significant event for all. Of course it will make the necessary corrections on the day that this happens. But already everything is ready for the publishers to press the button that will start the publication of the sad news. For example, the daily worship of The Times you already have the articles for the first 11 days after the departure of Isabel II.

The whole world will greet the new monarch

According to ancient tradition, the actual mandate may not be interrupted. Never. And as soon as the ruling monarch gives the last sigh, his power automatically passes to their successor. It is for this reason that the flag is real will not be lowered during the time of mourning. And for the time of the announcement to the world of the departure of Isabel II, the United Kingdom is already being ruled by another monarch. This will, with a high degree of probability, the prince Charles of Wales, of 68 years.

The parliament swear allegiance to the new king

In a special ceremony, all the members of the parliament of Great Britain give their oath of allegiance to the new monarch. The parliamentarians will have several days to do so. In case of a refusal, you will be banned from the high-ranking official to issue a vote and be present in the meetings of the parliament, and also will deprive him of his salary. It is funny, but the republicans who are in favor of abolishing the monarchy swear with fingers crossed. In this way they try to convince themselves and others of the fiction from the fact.

Change the national anthem of Great Britain

Now the national anthem of the United Kingdom, beginning with the words “God save the queen“ (”God save the queen“), but after the ascent to the throne of the new monarch, the words will be changed to “God save the king” (”God save the king”). Shall be issued new notes and coins with the portrait of Charles of Wales, will be updated to the symbols of british military and there will be new entries in the helmets of the cops. The postage stamps with the image of Elizabeth II out of circulation.

The title of the princess of Wales will be questioned

It is possible that the duchess of Cambridge, Catherine, did not receive the title of princess of Wales. Unlike his legitimate spouse, that you will automatically become a candidate for the throne and, therefore, you will get a new title: the prince of Wales. All for the incredible love of the british for the deceased princess Diana. The title “princess of Wales” is too firmly associated with William’s mother. This is why he advised the duchess to consider the possibility of rejecting it.

Disintegration part of the Commonwealth of Nations

It is a known fact that Elizabeth II is the official leader of 52 countries, many of which became part of the British Empire against their will. Today, every country has the unconditional right to withdraw from the Commonwealth of Nations at any time, and the death of the queen will be only a pretext to carry out the separation of the state. It should be noted that in the last decade to almost 10 countries have made use of this right. The last was the Republic of the Maldives in 2016.

A referendum against the monarchy

The british really love their rulers. The rating of queen Elizabeth II, has always been high. This is because the family of the monarch has no real power and does not govern the country. It is a symbol of the United Kingdom. If I wanted to, the british people could get rid of the monarchy easily: with a simple referendum. So it was that the Uk withdrew from the European Union. But no one will do this. At least not in the near future.

Farewell to the public of Elizabeth II

All can pay tribute to the queen. The coffin of the monarch will remain in the Buckingham Palace over several days so that residents and visitors of the capital can say goodbye to Elizabeth II. It should also be noted that, regardless of where the monarch find his death, the body will be sent to London.

In the year 2026 queen Elizabeth II will meet 100 years

Currently, Elizabeth II is under the care of the physician of the royal family, professor Hugh Thomas. It is he who decides what information about the health of the queen can be made public. For example, in the year 1936, a few hours of the death of the then ruling monarch George V, his doctor injected 750 milliliters of morphine and 1 gram of cocaine, having previously published in a newsletter: “the life of The king comes peacefully to an end”. According to the statistics of the specialists, the ruling monarch will live 4 more years. But we desire among all to this amazing woman have a strong health, so that in the year 2026 we will all be witnesses of his centenary. Something quite feasible, if one takes into account that the mother of Elizabeth II, left this world after having completed 100 years.

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