12 Tricks that helped our grandmothers to be so beautiful

Currently among the cosmetics modern for the care and beauty you can’t miss. Every day there are new things. Just you start using a BB cream, there appears another CC cream. On the other hand, there are the tips of our grandmothers.

The wording of Great.guru collected the best beauty secrets from grandmothers that will always be fashionable.

A braid thick that reaches to the heels

  • If the hair acquired a green color, especially blonde women, simply apply tomato juice. There are that apply it throughout the hair as if it were a mask and wait 10 minutes. The red pigment will neutralise the green dye and the hair will again look perfect again.
  • To overcome dandruff, an aspirin will help you. Dandruff is a type of mycosis, but the acetylsalicylic acid suppresses the development of this disease. To get rid of the scaly skin, the hair wash you have to add two tablets crushed aspirin to the shampoo for two weeks.
  • Lighten the hair without using chemical dyes can be done using the decoction of chamomile and lemon juice. Pour 25 grams of decoction of chamomile to a glass of boiled water and let it sit for an hour. Then add the juice of half a lemon and apply it along the hair. You have to be with this mask as long as possible, at least one hour.
  • For your hair to be soft and healthy after washing it you have to rinse it with apple cider vinegar with water. Then the flaky skin will recover and the hair will become more soft and shiny.

For a healthy skin and flush

  • If by lack of sleep under the eyes you appeared, dark circles, and chop the half of a potato and apply it on them for 15 minutes, after that, your skin will become more clear.
  • The strips against the black dots can be replaced by a simple, natural prescription. Mix a teaspoon of honey, flour and water, apply this mixture on a cotton pad and place it on the affected area. You have to remove it after 15 minutes.
  • To avoid pimples, the aloe will help. Cut half of a leaf and put the pulp on the affected area with the help of a patch. You will have an antiseptic effect and the inflammation will heal fast.
  • Another good method to fight acne is lemon. Mix the juice in equal proportions with water and apply this solution to the affected area. The antibacterial properties of lemon will help you to improve the state of your skin in just one night.

To conquer the hearts of men

  • For that perfumes may smell more persistent, it is best to keep them within the refrigerator.
  • For not going to extremes with the perfume, salpícalo to your toothbrush and pass it over your hair.
  • To choose the perfect shade of blush will help your wrists. Pinch the skin on the inner side of the wrist. The color of the red skin is exactly the tone ideal for your blush.
  • To improve blood circulation and complexion, lower the head and press your neck for 15 seconds. The blood will adhere to the face and you will see a flush in your cheeks.

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