123456 most common password

Although the importance of secure passwords, many internet users now it is clear, however, to choose many people for the easy way. ‘123456’ is again this year topped the list of worst passwords.

That makes SplashData today announced. That research has already for years, data breaches, as a way to determine which passwords are the most common – and therefore also stolen. Year on year, 123456 and password top. In 2017 is no different. 12345678, qwerty and 12345 round out the top 5. Well, the cyber criminals are very easily made.

Star Wars

Notable newcomer this year is ‘starwars’. The password makes its debut on the sixteenth place. That is according to the researchers, the fact that there are recently lots of new Star Wars film to be made, and fans such a password is easy to remember. ‘Football’ is just less in demand. This password was last year in fifth place, but now on the seventh.

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