13 Animals that you did not forget to thank the people who helped

In the world there is a particular type of people that feel the pain of others as your own, and can not pass by without lending help to those who need it. Such actions always treat themselves with hugs frank and warm, but in an animalistic way.

Great.guru brought together 13 stories of rescues of people who are not indifferent to animals, whether wild or domestic. All of them understand and are very grateful for your kindness. At the end of the article you expect a bonus moving that will teach you once more learn to love and take care of the children.

1. This squirrel takes 8 years to visit this family that saved her

In 2009, Brantley Harisson and his family found this squirrel was wounded by an owl. For 5 months these people took care of and healed Bella, so called. After a time had to say goodbye and let it return to nature, but the squirrel grateful you did not forget the kindness of these people and has been visiting her almost 8 years during each day.

2. Expression of gratitude of a super dog, a super veterinarian

3. The swan embraces her rescuer

These birds have a bad reputation, as they are considered aggressive and hostile. But Richard Wies not be scared and helped to liberate the swan that was trapped in a fence. As a sign of gratitude, the wounded animal hugged him with all her neck pasting her entire body to the man.

4. A touching way to say “thank you” to a vet

5. As a sign of gratitude for the salvation, the deer comes every day

The family saved this wild deer from some hunters a few years ago and as a sign of gratitude the animal does not forget to visit their rescuers. The deer behave in a modest way: is about to the window and wait for it to wake up all. The animal likes a lot of the bread and in a local shop vendors give you free bread especially for him. To see how this handsome eat your favorite treat, click here.

6. Marvin was rescued from an animal shelter and is now very happy

7. “The young deer hid in my house from the cold and I thanked”

The girl with the nickname Amscolie is the true mother of the wild animal orphans. A day started a storm and she came out to check the deer, but were not on any side. Later found three baby deer that had come silently to his house by the back door, which I had forgotten to close, and settled down onto the floor. The girl could not take them out and allowed them to wait for the bad weather to pass. As a sign of gratitude he received a thousand kisses.

And this baby is called John. When it fell into the hands of the girl, was very weak and suffered from a deficit of selenium. Today John is healthy and happy.

8. The kangaroo saved more than 10 years ago every day hugs to his rescuers as a token of appreciation

Abigail was rescued and brought to the booking of “Alice Springs” when he was only 5 months. Every day desmuestra with their hugs I remember the kindness of the people.

And this little girl is still very small, but also know how to express their feelings.

9. This bitch never let anyone near him, but his heart melted to see this baby

Nora is a bitch that survived the cruel treatment of his previous owners. They made fun of both the poor bitch, which began to have a fear of people. The only human being in whom the bitch is to be trusted is a baby of a year called Archie, whose family adopted Nora from a shelter. These two now they can’t be separated.

This fabulous family has 4 dogs, 3 cats and 3 children.

10. Jaguar rescued

Soldiers of the armed brazilian found barely alive in a small jaguar in the Amazon rainforest. He was taken and carried with them, but he is not able to live in freedom, that’s why the local authorities allowed to leave the predator under the supervision of the soldiers. Jikitai, so named, is now healthy and comes with tenderness to the people who rescued him.

11. The cat who helps other animals

The cat Rademenesa when she was 2 months she got into a shelter, and survived a difficult test: inflammation in the airways. Since then, became a true helper and tries to restore the health of other animals by their care.

12. Puppy saved from the flames is now a firefighter

Jake is a puppy that was trapped in a barn in flames and suffered burns on 75 percent of his body. Although he was rescued from the fire, his owners left him in the veterinary clinic. William Lindler is the firefighter who saved the life of this puppy, could not stop and took him along. So Jake got his own badge of a firefighter and an owner that wants it.

13. The calf rescued comes with your savior every day to play with him

Bonus: this child gave it to a stray dog jacket for which you do not have cold

Do not scold your son if he wears a cat frozen or spent their money on school meals to buy sausage for a stray dog. Such actions speak of that thou hast raised a person with a big heart and thanks to these people the planet still has a chance.

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