13 Things you should know about Russia before the Football World

In Great.guru we like to write articles on different parts of the globe, and recently we thought it would be interesting to learn more about the country that lately appears more and more often in the media: Russia, which next year will host the World Football Championship. Bears walking along the streets and people drinking vodka and having breakfast with caviar are just stereotypes that have nothing to do with reality. In this article, we gathered the impressions of foreigners who have traveled to this mysterious country. Look at what has excited and surprised.

13. Shops and bars open 24-hours

“Here, in Germany, people who work in shops and cafes also want to rest on weekends and go to sleep at night. In Russia, if you want to buy flowers in the middle of the night, you can do it. Do you go to a restaurant? How can we not! How to buy boots, dammit? A little more difficult, but I think that is also possible. Even on the eve of the New Year all the shops are open, can you believe it?” — Hans, Germany.

12. Video cameras in the car

  • “Why is everyone in Russia have cameras in the car?”, wonder the foreign. This device has already become a new symbol of Russia, until the fall of the famous meteor of Chelyabinsk was recorded with one of these cameras.
  • It may seem that they are placed in the car to flood YouTube videos garbage. But in reality serve to record what happened when there is an accident or a conflict situation on the road. And also to avoid falling victim to police corruption, which, unfortunately, is still prevalent in Russia.

11. Large distances

There are many things that the foreigners do not know about Russia, but the fact that she is a huge know it all. Such long distances also affect the way of being and thinking of the Russian people.

  • If a Russian tells a european that his hometown is not far from Moscow, just 800 kilometres away, the european will laugh and tell you that he is very far away, so as to cross 3 or 4 countries.
  • Many are also surprised to learn that in the not very densely populated Russia there are many (15) cities with millions of millions of people. More only in China, India and Brazil. Why? Apparently, the russians would like to be close to each other. And the closer to the city, so much easier to get a job.

10. Personal space

  • “Here is a strange sight. Many times, a strange person bursts into my personal space, preventing, for example, look at products in a store —account Director-Texas—. A person just know can’t give you a pat on the shoulder, call you friend or invite you to drink something. Here is the standard”.
  • The same applies to the notion of private life. In many countries you can only chat with your colleagues about a series of neutral topics: the weather, plans for the weekend, the food and, maybe, a couple of things more. In an office Russian you can ask anything, even if you have children and if you don’t, why not. It can even give you advice on the subject.
  • We believe that here it had to do with the fact that many times the russians had to live in small apartments, where parents and children often lived in the same room, what personal space are we talking about?

9. Obsession with the doors

  • “If you go to visit a Russian who does not live in a private house, don’t be surprised to have to go through four metal doors with locks: entrance door, door to the hallway and two doors that lead to the department, one behind the other” — Elena, Australia.
  • This is done in the first place, for security and, secondly, for thermal and acoustic insulation.

8. The subway of Moscow

  • “I have traveled the 5 continents, but I have not seen a metro more beautiful! It looks classic but at the same time it is very modern, there is wifi”. —Anup, India.
  • “The Moscow metro is a tourist spot aside, the stations built in the 1930s are simply stunning, like palaces underground: marble columns, bas-reliefs, chandeliers, mosaics. In addition, the metro is cheap” — Amanda, USA

7. Lot of tea

  • “They all think that in Russia all the time drinking vodka, but the truth is that everyone here always drink tea! The coffee you drink one, maximum two times a day. With tea you end a dinner. The phrase ‘drink a cup of tea’ is heard constantly. It is surprising, but here in every house there is green tea, in my journey I saw him only in japanese restaurants” — Mikko, Finland.
  • “I wanted to buy a tea special on the Russian boil the water for tea. It is very comfortable! ” — Cathy, EE. UU. (We wonder if she knows that in addition to the electric tea kettle, in Russia there is another tea special to infuse the tea).

6. Attitude towards the snow

  • In Russia, the snowfalls are very frequent and no one fears them. While the snow falls, the adults go to work and the children go to school. In the end, life continues its course.
  • “I was in Yekaterinburg, the account —Anup from India— there is so much snow that I came to the knees. Was very surprised to listen to my Russian friend say that when he was little, the snow covered the car of its parents up to the ceiling”.

5. The Russian language

  • “My Spanish friend said that when I spoke in Russian with my friend he seemed that we were making fun of him and issued a set of sounds without sense”, says Mary.
  • “The Russian sounds great! It is one of the few languages that I listen to with pleasure.” — Ivar, USA

  • “You can’t separate one word from another, it is not clear when it starts and when it ends a sentence, it is very difficult to understand the intonation. In Russian I know which is mostly the sounds “sh”, “j” and “r”. — Meeri, Finland.

  • “I find the Russian language melodic, but it is impossible to repeat what is heard. What most amazes me is the alphabet, has letters funny” — Rosa, Spain.

4. Kiosks

  • Katie from Minnesota writes: “What I like about Russia is that if you need to buy something, you don’t have to look for it for a long time. In all the streets of Russia, there are kiosks where you can buy anything from snacks to newspapers, from mobile phones to a remote control for the TV.”
  • “In every corner there are booths where clean clothes and shoes. If you have broken the zipper of the jacket (like me) or need to replace a taco (which also has happened to me), I will fix it quickly.”

3. The slippers

  • “The culture of the slippers is very strong in Russia. When someone comes to visit your house, removes his shoes and puts on some slippers. You do the same when you walk into someone’s home. This is done because the streets of Russia tend to be dirty, the floors in the apartments are cool and the slippers are really comfortable to use. When I returned to the united States, I could not stop ponérmelas on home” — Joan, USA
  • Another discovery for all the foreigners is the fact that even the children should bring to school a pair of shoes. Here is another reason: in winter, wear warm boots, in an environment heated is quite uncomfortable.

2. The superstitions

  • “I was shocked how much the russians believe in superstitions. I have seen many times that if you must pass under an arch of columns like this, be that as it may but what they are going to surround. What is the joke?” — Anoop, India.
  • “You can’t go above the extended leg of another person. It is very bad, as if you spill the salt. If you do not you greet someone with a handshake, is that not what you respect. How many beliefs and superstitions! At the beginning, to a european habituate” — Jaroslav, Czech Republic.
  • “Before you leave for your trip, you need to sit for a minute in silence (on the suitcase, on a chair, it does not matter). I think that is a great superstition that helps to remember if you’re forgetting something” — Sarah, France.

1. The kindness and the sense of humor of the russians

Almost all the foreigners said that before coming to Russia they thought that was inhabited by people indifferent and moody. But many consider that this was the prejudice more wrong. Although the russians, in truth, smile infrequently, and sometimes they look extremely distant, have a good heart, a great sense of humor (they laugh to themselves), and are willing to provide help, even to a complete stranger.

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