13 Things that make your house is not welcoming and is always messy

Have you thought that many mirrors in the bedroom will make you spend more time cleaning the house, and that the soffit dark, the lamps will increase the cost of electricity? There are many things in the house that we are used to and we consider it useful. But, in reality, require us to clean more often, or are uncomfortable, or create an atmosphere unwelcoming.

Great.guru has compiled some tips that may help you, especially if you’re planning small changes, purchases or repairs in your department.

1. Sofa bed

The desire to save space by putting a sofa bed in the room is not justified. The groups of guests do not gather in the home of one so often, and to assemble and disassemble the sofa all day involves a discomfort that is constant. In addition, the sofa bed is much smaller than a bed and sleep in it is less comfortable.

  • If you’re thinking of buying new furniture, it is better to give preference to a common bed with a mattress of quality. In addition to being comfortable, this type of furniture does not break as fast as the sofa beds.

2. Collection of bags

Many times do not throw away the plastic bags and paper because they can come back to serve us. But, sooner or later, this accumulation will become a complete mess.

  • It is best to store the reusable bags in a small box, and be limited to its size. Purchase several bags of large purchases and keep a couple in the portfolio that you use to go to work. So you will not accumulate bags new each time you go to the supermarket. And instead of storing an infinite number of plastic bags, it is best to send them to recycle.

3. Large amount of boxes

Save the stuff in boxes is very comfortable. But many times we use too many, and not even remember what is on them. As a result, we lose valuable time in a senseless pursuit of the object that we need.

  • It is easier to store the clothes in neat piles in the closet, to have quick access to it. And to store items that you use rarely, will a few large boxes which is best label, thus providing an easy access to the things that you keep inside.

4. Hanger overflowed into the hallway

The hangers of the input overflow quickly, unless you have only a coat for all seasons. At the time, the entry is what creates the first impression of the house. A hanger full of clothing looks messy, it takes longer and is more difficult to find the coat, and the clothing many times it falls to the ground.

  • To avoid the temptation to load the hanger with more clothes on, change it by one more compact, with less hooks. For the bags, you can put a hook separate, near the entrance door.

5. The lack of a closet of shoes

Even the shoes placed in the hallway in an orderly fashion, after a time become a mountain disordered. In addition, the absence of a cabinet or special shelf leads to the accumulation of mud and puddles in the winter season. So that the dirt from the hallway spreads to other rooms and you have to spend more and more time cleaning.

  • There are a few compact enclosures special, designed for small spaces, in which the shoes are stored vertically. And other more spacious with folding doors. The only drawback is that the shoes are saved in this type closets are poorly ventilated, so that you can place a sachet of lavender in one of the shelves.

6. Massive mirrors

The large mirrors many times are due to the presence in the room of spacious cupboards. Increase visually the space of the smaller rooms but, in addition, are not practical because they require a constant cleaning: the dust is very visible in the sun.

  • If you do not want to clean up the dust and wash the large mirrors several times a week, it is better to buy a cabinet with a maximum of one or two mirrored doors. And to increase the space visually in the room, the color of the doors opaque cabinet can be combined with that of the walls.

7. Clear walls in the entry

Maybe the bright walls in the entry hall will serve to increase the space visually, but in reality only cause inconvenience. The clear walls, especially in that area, with the start of autumn immediately become gray and dirty. The entry will look messy. In addition, it is difficult to clean and maintain clean the walls. You will have to devote time to the constant cleaning and, finally, re-paint.

  • To avoid inconveniences, in the area of the entrance, gives preference to the colors that are dirty or less cover the bright walls, with a closet of shoes.

8. Hangers wire

Accumulated in large amounts, the hangers of wire many times is caught on the clothes when you try to pull it out of the closet, holes appear and lint; in this type of hangers, the delicate things are stretched and no longer hold their shape.

  • Therefore, it is better to give preference to wooden hangers, which also look more aesthetic.

9. Open shelves in the cabinets

One of the most popular solutions for the kitchen and the living room are the open shelves in cabinets or shelves hanging. Unfortunately, on the shelves of the kitchen accumulates a lot of dust, which above is mixed with fat and is hard to clean. This type shelves and things put on them, must be cleaned constantly, otherwise, the dust becomes visible. Another negative factor is the need to maintain an ideal order, because, if you put anything in those shelves, the place will look cluttered and unwelcoming.

  • The most practical option for the kitchen and the living room are the cabinets closed. In the living room look very nice cabinets with glass doors, and in the kitchen, cabinets with doors, light colored, in addition, they increase the space visually.

10. Folding tables in the living room

A lot of people have a folding table at home to be able to enlarge their surface area when they come on visits. But the guests don’t usually come so often, and these tables, even though they are collapsible, they occupy much space and gather dust. It ends up being an object really cumbersome, which is used once every six months for a special event.

  • It is better to buy a dining room table more compact but round, which will have space for many more guests than a rectangular one.

11. Large mirror in the bathroom

A large mirror in the bathroom that begins immediately above the sink is full of stains quickly. And it is not a pleasant pastime rubbing drops and spots several times a day. The bathroom will be messy, and the reflection will not look good.

  • If you’re choosing a mirror, it is better to buy one size smaller and hang it to about 20 to 30 cm above the sink. So you’ll avoid a cleaning eternal in the bathroom.

12. Soffit color dark

Plafonds dark pass in the wrong light, and the room will never have enough lighting. To resolve this problem, you can buy bulbs that are more powerful and put them in the soffits. However, in this case, it will not be possible to save, since these bulbs consume lot of energy.

  • The best option is to change the color of the ceiling lamps: a fabric, or a glass of light color will the light perfectly, creating an atmosphere truly welcoming. In addition, you’ll be able to save energy by using less powerful light bulbs.

13. Floor carpet in the house

The floor of the rug, unlike rugs common, has a shorter life. If you stain, it will call to a few specialists who will try to clean it up. In the event that the stain is impossible to remove, will have to change the entire carpet, or resign himself to live with that stain.

  • If you are looking for a friendly atmosphere and a floor warm, it is better to buy a carpet common. You can always restore it or, in last instance, to buy a new one.

What are some things inconvenient to use in a house agregarías to this list?

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