13 unusual Manners that make you go wrinkles

Each one of us wants to keep skin soft and smooth. Select cosmetics expensive to care for, but sometimes we don’t notice that with simple daily actions and reduced its full effect.

Great.guru decided to find out what habits cause the appearance of wrinkles. If we change this model of behavior, then there is chance to be happy with our reflection in the mirror, and the beautiful skin on our face.

1. Penchant for constant cleaning

Keeping the skin clean is something normal. Especially if it is a oily, or combined with some type prone to acne.

The cosmetologists advise you not to use a scrub more than twice a week. In addition, it is not necessary that, every day, wipe the face with lotion or tonic. Such measures break the natural environment of the skin, which reduces the immunity of skin and the dry. As A result of this, wrinkles appear.

2. Sleeping face down

Many people like to sleep face down. Because of this, crush and do damage mechanically in our skin, in addition to we interrupt the blood circulation and leave you without oxygen during the night.

To minimize the risks, you have to choose another sleeping position. It would be perfect to do it face up with a small cylinder in place of a pillow. So the skin of your face was kept more soft, smooth and the neck, tense. Another good alternative is to sleep on your side.

3. Smoking

To the best for this you do not need any explanation. The nicotine and tar dry skin and smoking is incompatible with the desire to retain youth. However, the manufacturers of cigarettes to write it directly on cigarette packs.

4. Too much make-up

When in the face for the entire day you have a thick layer of makeup, the skin can not breathe. For a makeup day cosmetologists recommend applying facial cream, cream, corrective color, dust and everything else to leave it to the makeup night. You have to apply cosmetics the right way, by the lines of massage to not stretch the skin.

Also, it is important to clean the skin well before you sleep.

5. Time behind the screen

We spent a lot of time behind the screens of our computers and smartphones. But these smart devices are harmful to our beauty in the first place to the neck, since the wrinkles appear on the edge next to the chin.

It is important to make a fitness facial, a massage for the face or the neck frequently. And also try to keep a right angle between the neck and the straight line of the chin.

6. Take a seat on the heater

Heaters and central heating are the main enemies of our beauty in the cold season. Dry the skin, the hair and cause rapid aging.

The solution is to drink more water and use moisturizing cream.

7. A diet without fat

The fat is needed for the skin, without it would be dry and ugly.

The fish, nuts and olive oil contain fatty acids, which are responsible for the condition of the skin and the health of the body in general. They help to carry vitamins and nutrients that prevent dryness in the skin.

8. The shower or the hot tub

A long shower or tub with hot water is a miraculous rest after a day’s work. Unfortunately, it can cause problems with the skin, in particular the appearance of wrinkles. The hot water is limited to the skin the naturally occurring fats, reduces its protective properties and makes you age prematurely.

The solution is a shower or tub with warm water with a temperature of not more than 40 degrees celsius. If you have weak blood vessels, you can end the procedure with a cold shower, because that will restore the balance and strengthen the skin.

9. Rejection of eyeglasses in case of a bad vision

People with a poor eyesight often squinting, this damages the skin around the eyes and makes it appear facial wrinkles.

Don’t forget to wear sunglasses, especially if you work in front of a computer.

10. Removing the acne

We all know very well that we don’t have to do it, but regularly violate this prohibition.

Not only is there a high risk of infection, but also during the extraction of acne will do damage to the skin. After you may get scars or small wrinkles.

11. Change is not so frequent for the clothes to sleep

The pillow can be a source of hazards. On it settle bacteria, lacquer for the hair and remnants of other styling products. During sleep all of this is in the face and the chemical materials that make up the styling products cause aging of the skin.

That is why it is better to change the pillow cases every 2 or 3 days.

12. Chewing gum constantly

The habit of chewing gum is dangerous to your beauty. The movements infinite with the jaw can cause the early onset of wrinkles around the mouth, as in this area the skin is stretched.

It would be best to replace the gum for a candy.

13. Rejection of the creams with SPF protection

It is not a no secret that the sunlight triggers causes premature aging of the skin. Thus, the sunscreen will not only have to be used during a break on the beach, but every day. Your skin will thank you.

The rays that penetrate through the windows are also very harmful. That’s why even before a long trip on a sunny day at the wheel, it is important to lubricate the face, hands, and neck with sunscreen with vitamin C.

Friends, what beauty secrets help you to keep a skin supple and soft? Please, compártanlos in the comments!

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