13 Extraordinary places in the world that almost nobody knows about

Each city has its own list of places of historical interest, which are visited by tourists: the cathedral, the main square, and something more in the vicinity of the center. But sometimes the most unusual is hiding in the periphery.

Great.guru will show you places really bright and unforgettable for whom it is worth to change the tour itinerary.

13. The village rainbow, Taiwan

This people in Taiwan became so joyful a short time ago, thanks to Huang Yun Fu, a street artist of 86 years. Decided that the streets of their hometown, they needed more color. As a result, he painted the walls and asphalt of the town called Taichung using the traditional ornaments of painting in Taiwan.

12. Grotto of shells, England

This grotto embedded shells is one of the major mysteries of England. It is not clear who, when and why built. According to different versions, they were the pagans of antiquity, a community’s mysterious, and even thinks that they were witches.

In the decoration were used approximately 5 million shells! Who is the one who has indeed worked hard. The cave was found by chance: only a man was digging a pond for ducks. Here you can see the grotto.

11. Quinta da Regaleira, Portugal

Quinta da Regaleira, which is located in the city of Sintra, it is a beautiful place and mysterious. Here you can wander for hours admiring the grottoes and the fountains, but the most interesting thing of this place is a hole in spiral shape with a depth of 27 meters, which is covered in moss. Also called “tower upside down”.

According to legend, the masons here were the rites of initiation and the levels represent the 9 circles of hell.

10. Cemetery cheerful, Romania

The cemetery is more cheerful in the world is called Cimitirul Vesel is located in the village Sapantza. Here it is customary to represent on tombstones what did the decedent during his lifetime in the style of a cartoon and colored bright blue.

If you normally in the tombs of old appear women with distaffs, and guadañeros, now you can see baristas, mechanical, and chemical. The cartoons are accompanied by funny poems.

9. Bridges estate, India

In one of the wettest places on the planet, the city of Cherrapunji, there are bridges extraordinary that can be called the greenest in the world. They are made from the roots of trees, and every year, these bridges grow stronger.

Local residents for decades took root on the other side of the river, and these bridges seem as if they were created according to the description of fantasy books.

8. Temples underground Damanhur, Italy

Near Turin lies a mysterious community called Damanhur. In the 80’s, the enthusiasts of the community decided to build a temple, but they feared that the authorities does not allow them to do so, and took it under the earth.

The temple was constructed during 14 years, consists of several layers and the paint was made by using legacy techniques. Here are a lot of stained-glass windows and columns, together, is an incredible beauty.

7. The Caverns of Luray, united States

In one of the caves in the state of Virginia is the organ whose pipes are made of stalactites. It was created in 1957 by a mathematician, who when walking by the cave, he noticed that resonated perfectly.

Is attached to a hammer to each stalactite, which is controlled by a keyboard. This is the only tool of this type in the world.

6. White temple, Thailand

The white temple Wat Rong Khun is located near the city of Chiang Rai and looks more like a palace of ice. It was built recently, in 1997, the road to the temple according to the ideas of your author contains the path of hell to the paradise, which passes through ten arms of stone, which symbolize the temptations and doubts.

5. Park Paronella, Australia

The park Paronella was built in 1930. During his early days was a great success, however, after a time it declined. At the end of the TWENTIETH century it was decided to remodel and resurrect him, but without eliminating the moss of the structures of stone, which combined perfectly with the fountains and waterfalls. This only added attraction and a different environment.

4. Carhenge, United States

Carhenge is an exact copy of Stonehenge, excluding that has been built of old cars painted. Its creator, Jim Reinders and built this memorial dedicated to his father.

Might as well see the Stonhenge of the post-apocalyptic world. This place is located in the state of Nebraska.

3. The metro of Stockholm

The Stockholm metro is one of the most extraordinary places in the world. It is similar to a cave, and at the same time to a museum. In one of the stations, in the ceiling are hung the shoes of a giant. Another station is painted with the colors of the rainbow, among many others.

Some stations are simultaneously both exhibition halls. This metro is also considered one of the galleries the world’s longest.

2. Anti-Disneyland, England

The mysterious and provocative artist Banksy created this park opposite Disneyland and called it Dismalad (something like “Disneyland sad”). The park is full of facilities, strange, and sad: a woman attacked by pigeons, the horse-drawn carriage with an inverted Cinderella dead and more. All the staff deliberately has sad faces. Definitely worth the visit without children.

1. Temple of David Beckham, Bangkok

In general this temple is called Wat Pariwas, but usually call it “the temple of Beckham.“ Any fan of local soccer player wanted to commemorate his idol in the mouldings of the temple. The abbot, curiously, was not against.

However, the gold sculpture of Beckham is not everything. Also here is the statue of Pikachu, Popeye the sailor, Superman, ”Che” Guevara and Albert Einstein, among others.

What you have been in other places inusales and eye-catching?

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