13 unusual Ways to train your brain and become more intelligent

Until 1998 it was believed that nerve cells were not recovered. But soon the scientists demonstrated experimentally that even in adults can appear new cells. They also discovered that the reason of the low of our mental capacities is not the death of the cells, but the loss of its plasticity. That is to say, if the brain makes routine tasks weakens and the connection between neurons is low.

In this study were based neuroscientist Lawrence Katz and Menning Rubin, developing the neurobicidad. This is a complex of exercises non-standard that breaks the usual course of events, adds novelty and therefore train our brain.

Great.guru has chosen the exercises more interesting and effective neurobicidad that help you train your neurons.

1. Brush your teeth with your hand less skillful

When we use the opposite hemisphere, we expanded the areas of the cerebral cortex and train the brain.

  • Eat soup, brush your teeth, open bottles, throws the ball, in general, tries to do all the usual actions with the hand is “unusual”.

2. Do something with your eyes closed

When you “turn off” one of the senses, all the others are acentuan. Therefore, your hands can see what your eyes cannot see. In addition, this develops the memory.

  • Try to use only one of the senses. For example, take a shower or wash dishes with your eyes closed.

3. Put objects upside down

When you look at the objects usual upside down, your brain does not understand right away what they are. You are forced to make an effort and connect the right hemisphere to recognize the color, the shape and the size of the object. This exercise does not allow you to relax but also not trying too hard.

  • Turn photos, clocks or other objects on your desktop. In general, all the usual things that you used to see only in one position.

4. Change of place the objects in your house

Remember that any change in the environment is beneficial to the brain cells. Improves memory and mood.

  • The reorganization in the house not only is a good exercise for the body, but also for our brain. Put in another place, the bed, the bedside table, it changes the boxes one by another, takes the vase to another room

5. Change places in the table

Being in an unfamiliar environment, our brain will get new impressions and experience that you need. This exercise also develops creativity, allowing you to look at people, the room or objects from one side unusual.

  • Try to sit in an unusual place at the table during lunch, or ask your coworker who swap their desks for a day.

6. He recites the alphabet backwards

You try to recite the alphabet or read the ad tags upside down. Such exercise also trains the memory and helps to kill the time.

7. Add new feelings

If you’re in a field of flowers but you do not feel the smell, then your brain will remember that bad time. The memories and the impressions will be more vivid and memorable if you include sounds, smells and images.

  • For example, if you read a book, set a proper lighting, sound, and adds the scent with which you associate to the book. This way you’ll remember better what you read.

8. Examine the shelves and products in the supermarkets

You try to look where you normally don’t look. That is to say, in the shelves above or below. The sellers place the most profitable products at the height of the eyes, and often we don’t bother to look up and fall into the trap.

  • You try to compare the description and the composition of the products. Look at the shelves upper and lower. The main task is to break the routine and get a new experience.

9. Learn how to write upside down or using a mirror

The own Leonardo da Vinci used to encode their messages using a mirror. Write upside down or in the mirror is one of the best workouts and involves our whole brain.

  • At the beginning you learn to write a single letter, then moves on to words and sentences.

10. Answer the usual questions in an original way

The search for an answer is not standard is an excellent training device for our neurons. You try to leave the stereotypes and the routine.

  • You can respond to any question usual with dozens of different sentences.

11. Distinguish the coins with the eyes closed

Learn to distinguish coins using only the touch. The exercise will help to develop the memory and to kill time when you’re waiting for someone.

12. Look at the tv, without sound

At the beginning you try to view without sound videos simple and ads and then programs and movies. Test guess what it is about the dialogue or monologue and look at the history.

  • It is quite fun to perform this exercise with your friends and take turns guessing what it is about the video.

13. Performed paintings imaginary

Choose any place and try to paint their picture to the smallest detail. How is the weather there? Are there people? Where are you located? After you do this, make the task more complex.

Remember to any known person. What color do you associate? What is the climate? What geometric figure? What environment? What time of the day? Now using the answers to these questions draws a portrait of this person. Can be a bit abstract, but the main thing is that it should convey the associations.

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