13 Photos of “awesome” in which, in reality, the planet ask for help to cries

We tell stories about the global warming and the snow in the Sahara as an anecdote, we consider a myth of the terrible stories about the overpopulation. Photos of the lakes with water pink us seem unreal, and we have no doubt that it is Photoshop. But what really is behind these images?

Great.guru has prepared the photos most unusual of different corners of the planet that show how much has changed in him over the past few years.

What a magical landscape or the consequences of failing heat?

The salt lake in the parks Westgate in Australia amazes us each time more to the locals and tourists. Many come here in search of colorful photos. In fact, the color of the lake indicates a change in the weather. Becomes pink due to the large amount of salt, the failing heat and lack of rain.

The snow in the desert is not a fairy tale

The Sahara desert is one of the most hot and dry of the planet. It would seem that, under the influence of global warming, you should only get hotter. However, against my better judgment, this winter, it snowed in the Sahara.

The locals were very surprised when they saw the sand dunes covered in snow. But, have to get used to the climate change, because similar things happened last year. Before that, during almost 40 years ago there was no snow on the Sahara.

What a funny photo of a seahorse? In fact, it is an environmental disaster

It seems that the sea horse wants to take a cotton swab and clean the ocean. In fact, clung to him to be carried away by the current. In normal conditions, the horses cling to the algae, not the remains of plastic.

National Geographic launched a campaign on a large scale “Planet or Plastic?” (“What planet or plastic?”). Your goal is to demonstrate clearly to what extent the release is not controlled waste is harmful to wildlife. This photo is part of the project.

What a beautiful photo, or a prison?

Even the aviary more spacious can be compared with the freedom. World public opinion increasingly recommended to give preference to the safari parks, where animals are in their natural habitat.

A festival of dazzling beauty became a big problem of garbage

The Festival Balloonfest in Cleveland in 1986, he impressed all with their colors and scale. During the same, were released over 1.4 million balloons. Even planned to include this event in the Guinness Book of world Records. However, the record was not successful.

The amazing spectacle ended quickly, but its consequences are felt for a long time. The balloons fallen covered a vast territory. Airports halted operations, and the number of accidents increased. Even two fishermen were lost in one of the lakes: due to the balloons, not the were able to find time.

Those who remember this incident are urged actively to the people around the world do not carry out events, so little thought.

A breathtaking view of the bird’s flight from the metropolis, full of people

Mexico City has almost entered the top ten most populated cities in the world. The number of inhabitants exceeds 20 million people, while the population density is very high. Although some ecologists do not share the pessimism about general overpopulation, this photo proves that, in some cities, people have to live very concentrated.

What an interaction, touching a whale with the people or a call for help?

This photo does not show a manifestation of tenderness, but desperate attempts to save the animal.

At the end of may, in Thailand, this whale came to the shore and swam chaotically, what caught the attention. The volunteers tried to relieve his suffering, but the whale died after 3 days painful. It turned out that I had more than 80 bags of plastic in its stomach.

A photo unusual that it seems made with Photoshop, but it is not

The water park is the most fun right when it’s hot. But in some cities it is very much in demand. This swimming pool even it is dubbed the Dead Sea of China (the Dead Sea of China). In summer, up to 10 thousand people can take a break simultaneously. And they do not lose such a chance.

Also make waves in this pool, and it looks pretty unusual. But the main question is: where is the water?

A strange image that looks like a few rice fields in terraces, but, in fact, is a huge hole in the place where once there were forests

One of the rainforests most ancient on the planet is located on the island malaysian Borneo. Once covered the entire island, but today only 10% of its surface. The trees were felled illegally by local companies.

Previously, here lived the asian tribe of the penan. In the dialect of this people had more than 1,5 thousand words, which served to name the trees. Today, their culture has declined due to the vandalism of logging companies.

What a beautiful photo, or the death of a kind relic?

The photos of the redwoods are impressive. Its size can reach the height of a 30-story building. But even the singularity did not protect the trees from the hand of man. At the time of the Gold Rush, over 90% of all these giants were destroyed in less than a year.

A mysterious fog is not fog, but smog that causes breathing difficulty

Just open the window, you realize that this is not the freshness of the morning in paris.

Due to the release of pollutants to the atmosphere, the air becomes unsuitable for humans and animals, especially in the heat of the summer.

It is not a new trend for weddings, but a need to wear a mask

This photo was not taken to scare the public. Due to the long periods of smog in the metropolises, people are forced to use gas masks and respirators. They should celebrate the wedding in the same way. Similar images of the newlyweds appear regularly, especially in China.

What will survive the small penguin?

The accidents at the pumping stations of oil carried terrible environmental consequences. In the first place, suffer the inhabitants of the ocean and coastal areas. Try to wash the birds, the turtles and the big fish, but can’t save them all.

What are the consequences of the human activity most frightening to you?

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