13 Geniuses who solved the situations more uncomfortable

The writer and publicist German, Jean Paul, once said: “A smart person will find a way out of any difficult situation, but someone wise not to find yourself in a problem you may need to quit”. Perhaps the protagonists of our article are not as knowledgeable, but yes they are very smart and can always find the solution to any problem. For example, what to do if you get a lot of sleep on the job, or if a squirrel steals shamelessly the food from your bird feeder.

Great.guru has found 13 cases of people who, thanks to his great ingenuity, they were able to solve a problem.

1. When you forget the keys, but in your house there is a cat

2. When you have little money, but I love the cosplay

3. When you really need sleep at work, but you can’t delatarte

4. This dad found a way to reach the globe

5. For the best effect, it would be best to wear a long sock white in the left foot

6. How to install air conditioning in a historic building without violating the law on the prohibition of modifying the facades

7. This japanese also cheated the system in an ingenious way

8. If you need to have your hands free, you can set the tablet on the wall

9. If you don’t find a bottle opener in the hotel room

10. This small cunning is saved, thanks to his wit

11. To make the job more efficient, these boys came up to make a circular staircase

12. The area was flooded by a hurricane, and this man decided to use a wooden door as a boat

13. When you are ingenious and not afraid of heights

Bonus. These subjects proved to be ingenious, but there was something that had not taken into account: the existence of a digital video recorder

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