13 natural Ways to return your hair perfectly smooth

While the owners of straight hair think of how to curl the bangs, girls with unruly hair dream of having it perfectly smooth. But the dryer and the plates and ruin the internal structure of our hair, and it is not so easy to trust in the chemical procedures. That’s why we are always in search of something more natural.

In this article, Great.guru met the secrets to straightening natural hair and can’t wait to share them with the curls all around the world.

The smoothing proper starts in the shower

  • And it is not a joke. A good planing is not possible without the proper selection of shampoo and conditioner. In this case, is to choose products with keratin, which is famous for its qualities alisantes.
  • After washing, use a towel made of a good absorbent material. For example, bamboo, which also has antibacterial properties.
  • Don’t rub the hair with too much force, as this may cause it to curl and break. Just tap the hair with the towel to remove excess water.

The comb must also be chosen with care

  • Prevents the combs round: instead of straightening your hair, crimped the ends.
  • Use a comb with tines wide, as it has the spikes larger than desenredan the hair without breaking it.

The hair can be smoothed with just a comb

  • After washing your hair, let it dry, but continues combing it every five minutes. Divide the hair into several parts, strip and support each strand for a few seconds to maintain it this way lisa. You can use the hair dryer, but only in function of cold air.

The pony tail will help you in the fight against hair whimsical

  • After washing the head properly, wait until hair is slightly damp and tie it in a tail low and tight. If you have bangs or wicks short that will come out of the queue, asegúralos with a few invisible. Comb through the tips not to get tangled up.

  • Arm yourself with rubber bands and tie the tail every 5 to 7 centimeters to the base (the number of rubber bands depends on the length of the hair). Wrap the head with a silk scarf, wait until dry, remove the elastic bands, comb through the hair and keep it loose. Ready.

Or you can use this secret

  • In some countries, using a technique called “Toga”. To beat the hair disobedient girls wash the hair, dry with cold air and when it is slightly damp, wrap it around the head, and secure with invisible. The next morning you wake up with your hair smooth and shiny.

A little bit about the cosmetic products to smooth

  • Creams and serums to smooth

Apply on clean hair damp, distributing the product throughout the length of the hair and left to dry. These products protect against ultraviolet radiation, and overheating. The only drawback is the incompatibility with the chemical dye, because it blocks your path to the inside of the hair, that is to say that we get the desired effect.

  • Spray to smooth and oils fixatives

It can be applied on damp hair and dry. Although the spray comfortable to use, have a significant disadvantage: most contain silicone and other aggregates that accumulate in the hair and destroy it. In contrast, the oils are useful in all aspects, are used to straighten the hair and to its thermal protection.

There are pamper followed the hair with creams and masks to make it look smooth. The reason is that the structure is oily not only makes the hair heavier, but it also helps to soften scales, making the strands smooth and shiny.

  • Mask of oil

Are mixed in the same proportions: olive oil, castor oil and oil of burdock. The amount of oil depends on the density and length of hair. The resulting mixture was heated in a water bath, is distributed throughout the length of the hair and kept for a minimum of 40 minutes with the hair wrapped in a cap of tepid bath.

  • Mask of olive

If you do not have to hand the three oils, you will reach with one. Pre-heated in an enamelled bowl about three tablespoons of olive oil. Wrap the head with plastic wrap and on top of a towel to create a “greenhouse effect”. It is recommended to do this mask before you sleep and keep it overnight.

But this kind of mask is difficult to wash. May be required several applications of shampoo and washed hair. It will help to a quart of warm water acidified with lemon juice.

Another assistant faithful: henna colorless

  • Is another popular remedy used by many carriers curly hair. This is because the henna thickens the hair, as a result, it becomes heavy and loses the curl. In addition, henna helps to get rid of split ends and dandruff.

Perhaps there are other natural ways of straightening the hair that you have already tested. Share them in the comments.

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