Original 13 business ideas whose creators or they are geniuses or they are crazy

Today, having a business idea innovative and original is comparable to inventing the engine of perpetual motion, that is to say, virtually impossible. It would seem that everything has been invented a long time ago!

But It ‘s Great.guru managed to find a dozen entrepreneurs talented that they invented something that nobody had thought before. You can also implement these ideas!

Escape game “the Evil Clown” for birthday

Hire a clown for a child’s birthday is a banality. But hire a clown than a week before the birthday starts to chase the kid, we send messages terrifying, to make calls of threats and ends with a pie in the face: yes that is great, as it considers the swiss agency for evil clown Evil Clown.

Do not hurry up to indignarte, this agency does not work psychopaths. Simply it has been discovered that children like to this situation: start to feel heroes of a true thriller and attempt to resolve the situation heroically.

A film in which you eat the same thing that the characters of the movie

Have you witnessed situations in which the heroes of the movies eat so apetitosamente a pizza hot or crispy French-fried until you can smell the aroma in the cinema? Maybe it was in one of those moments that a few enterprising canadians lovers of the cinema created cinema-restaurant Mise with a simple concept: we see a burger, eat a burger. All the spectators of their institutions receive the same dishes that the characters of the film. Isn’t it wonderful?

A cane for drunks

The company Harvey has developed a real godsend for drinkers: a cane that will not only help a person in a difficult time for your vestibular apparatus, but also to hide within himself the irreplaceable nectar of life. In addition, it can serve to defend themselves in case of unforeseen circumstances that to any drunk can happen. It is scary to think what kind of genius has come to have this idea.

A restaurant for introverts

Eenmaal is the world’s first with tables for one, in the name of protecting people who are lonely. This project by designer Marina van Goor is intended to isolate the backward pressure of the society, which, we confess, does not approve of too much leisure in solitude, and to remind people of the words of Omar Jayam: “it Is better to go hungry than to eat any thing. And it is better to be alone than in bad company”. I wish there were more restaurants of that type. And thinkers.

Carpets made of child’s drawings

How to hang up the drawing of the children in the refrigerator? Pff, that anyone can do it. But to turn it into a rug and place it in the living room is already “high-level”, they thought in the company carpets from New Zealand Carpetzz. Well, it really is very cute! And what a great gift, not only for the child, but also for their dear grandparents.

Self-service Bar

Imagine, you go to a bar, they give you the key of your own cooler full of alcohol (look at the picture) and voilà, you are your own bartender! This was the concept of the famous Minibar in Amsterdam. And despite the fact that it is now closed, this option can be a good business idea: there are no rows and there is no fee to both barmen.

Bags for cooking in a washing machine

Recently, a student from Tel Aviv, Iftach Gazit, came up with a brilliant idea: make little bags to cook foods in a washing machine while you boil the clothes. And the made! Now, with their bags waterproof for cooking in the vacuum, you can do two things at once: wash and cook. How long will it take the brilliant idea of combining a laundromat with a restaurant?

Skype with the dead

Scary even thinking about it, but today it not only exists, but works a way extremely realistic: the website Eterni.I is a system based on artificial intelligence that recreates virtually the deceased person and allows you to exchange with her mails and calls by Skype. To get a emulator more credible of your loved one, you need to provide absolutely all the files in line of the deceased (social networks, emails, photos, even the junk mail).

Although the site keeps talking about how good it can be this idea in psychological terms, one of the possible answers to this question, you can get it in the first chapter of the second season of the series “Black Mirror”.

Instagram for prisoners

A service interesting, Pigeonly, allows you to display your social life to people who do not have access to the networks. For example, prisoners, people living in areas without the Internet, or our beloved grandparents. It works like this: you post a photo on Instagram and the workers of the service downloaded, printed and sent by mail to your loved one that you do not have access to the Internet. Up sounds a bit romantic, isn’t it?

Agency dramatisation of murders

There was a time in California an organizer of events that I heard constantly from clients that all events were the same, without diversity, purely out of boredom. And then he had an idea: why not celebrate the festivities with a reenactment of the murders? ¡Adrenalin and fun assured for the customers! And the agency , Murder n’ Mayhem and its customers lived happily ever after.

Pen edible

The netherlands inventor Dave Hakkens, with the motto of “if, however, you throw away 90 percent of the pen, why don’t you eat?”, invented (hallelujah!) pens edible. Finally it occurred to someone!

Disposable plates from fallen leaves

Disposable ware green: it sounds almost fantastic, but there is. The produce company of New YorkVerTerra with (attention!) leaves dried, thermally treated. This is a development that is worth, don’t you think?

Rooms rain for rent

If the installation room of rain was no more than a wave passing throughout the world, in China it became a real business: these rooms, or rather installations of rain, we rent. In a room of this type falls a true flood, but thanks to a few devices with cameras to capture movement, people come out completely dry. So that put an attraction as well in your city can be a very interesting business.

Do you think that it is possible to implement any of these ideas in your city?

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