13 Controversial dolls in the collection of Barbie that made the world debated long and hard

Barbie is a brilliant creation of the company Mattel which is much beyond the comprehension of normal toys, brand trends and herself embodies. Appeals to both adults and children alike and looks great in their rooms and on the shelves of collectors fans.

Great.guru has prepared for you a selection of the models of Barbie’s most brilliant and controversial throughout its history.

1. Santa Barbie

The argentine designers Pool Paolini and Marianela Perelli have created a series of Barbie dolls that embody the gods and saints of various churches: catholic, buddhist, and islamic. This generated strong reactions from the public. Many saw in this collection is an insult to the feelings of believers.

2. Pregnant Barbie

Such a toy is produced with different variants for ten years. The first release of Barbie is in a state of good hope was received with criticism, shame and even disgust. Many emphasized that the secret of motherhood is a very intimate subject, so it is not ethical to release it directly to the children. However, during all the time of selling the pregnant Barbie, there was a strong negative impact on the psyche of the children.

3. Barbie Oreo

One of the decisions that are difficult to explain from Mattel is the Barbie Oreo. The doll was released as part of the marketing campaign of this american manufacturer, but the absurdity of the situation intensified, due to the advertising slogan of the cookies: “Black outside, white inside”, which was a sad popularity, as a statement racist humiliating. Dark skin Barbie Oreo echo wood to the fire and the manufacture of the doll was cancelled.

4. Barbie disabled

Barbie in a wheelchair was a pretty brave and correct. It turned out that a doll can help girls with this disease more than all the psychologists and retreats together. By the way, it is no coincidence that the name of this doll is Becky. It bears the name of a girl who suffers from cerebral palsy and caught the attention of Mattel on the fact that a wheelchair cannot enter the house of Barbie. It is good that the developers have not ceased to overlook this omission.

5. Grandma Barbie

The doll that originally embodied the ideal of the american dream is getting closer to reality. The manufacturer decided to show the girls that Barbie can not only give light and have diseases, but also aging. By the way, there is a version of the grandfather of Ken.

6. Barbie — Jackie Kennedy

The image of the persistent Jacqueline, the widow of president John F. Kennedy, was moved to the media in 1963 and quickly became a cult. Even in mourning, Jackie Kennedy adhered to his typical style. Dressed in a Chanel suit, covered his face with a tight black veil. This doll was not meant for the girls games. Is destined to have a place on the shelf of the collectors.

7. Barbie chubby

Mattel could not ignore the problem of obesity among children and adolescents and the growing popularity of fast food. Although the motto of this model was the phrase “don’t let your child is obese”, some critics saw in Barbie’s the opposite. Imposing to a young audience the idea that overweight is normal.

8. Barbie zombie

As in the case of the Barbie widow, the doll is “dead” is not designed for that little girls play with it. Barbie, over time, has not been perceived as a toy ordinary, but has become something more fetish and worship. Then, it is hoped that this model funéreo have a place in a museum or collection.

9. Barbie muslim

I must say that this is an experiment quite interesting: mix the image of the doll sexual with the concept of strict of the islamic world. However, it seems that Mattel managed to implement the new model so that it meets the basic standards of the brand and does not affect the feelings of believers.

10. Barbie — Amy Winehouse

Traditionally, every year Mattel produces several Barbie dolls collection dedicated to famous women. However, with all due respect to the talent of soul singer british Amy Winehouse, his incarnation as a wrist for girls seems quite dubious. A girl is shocking that he died due to addiction to drugs can hardly be considered a model to follow right.

11. Barbie fencer

Speaking of famous women. The prototype recent Barbie was Ibtihaj Muhammad, who participated in the Olympic Games in Brazil for the U.S. team During the competition, Ibtihaj permanently carried a handkerchief that became a distinctive feature of the new Barbie. This doll is complete with two suits of fencing and hijab.

12. Barbie Unicorn

One of the reviews of this doll begins with the sentence: “This is the Barbie you always wanted, but not what you know”. In fact, almost no one alone will have the idea of, not only buy the horse Barbie’s favorite (and not even a magical horse with a horn), but convert to a princess on a unicorn! This creation from Mattel is quite difficult to comment. It is very cute and very weird at the same time.

13. Barbie — George Washington

The fantasy of Mattel has no limits. Perhaps that is why the company convinces young girls that they can become absolutely everything, even the first president of the united States. We believe that we should not take these acts of unexpected Mattel too seriously. After all, why not let the girls dream a little and imagine themselves in the place of great historical personalities, although male?

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