13 Questions we ask when we see a dog play with the dirty underwear

If you have a dog, sure you’ve ever caught sniffing your underwear. No one understands why they do this, and we would love that every time we take off the underwear, not to come running as if it were a delicious steak. But so are, we’re going to do.

13 Questions that will you do when you see your dog playing with your underwear

1 – are we again? I don’t understand

For a lot of us ask ourselves, is there something in the dirty underwear that they love.

2 – why I’m leaving you to do this? Why not do something to stop it?

To play, to smell it, to put her hat. The underwear served to all.

3 – what Really is the smell so appealing?

We don’t know if it will be the smell, but it is clear that something has…

4 – what should I ask my dog about my gynecological health?

Perhaps you already know what happens to me…

5 – A honest opinion: should I eat more pineapple?

6 – Am I crossing the limit if I publish this on the internet?

How too erotic?

7 – what is the truth it is still so fun for you?

Time and time again. I don’t how to explain it!

8 – how Many similarities there are between the underwear and all of those that you’re sniffing down the street?

Better I don’t want to hear the answer.

9 – Ya step you could throw it in the washing machine when you’re done, isn’t it?

At least I quitarías a bit of work.

10 – What have I done to deserve this?

11 – does This makes us twins pheromone?

12 – do you Think that this is going to be always so? “You’re wrong!

13 – don’t you think we should watch Netflix when you’re done?

Have you ever lived a situation like this with your pet? What you have not asked the same questions? It let us know in the comments!

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