14 Examples of humor extravagant in the workplace

Anything can happen in the ordinary days of work. Sometimes, coincidences lead to situations humorous, and sometimes cause their own colleagues. In our article we have collected both options. For example, you’ll see what surprises may occur at the place of work of a abejera beginner.

Look what Great.guru has picked up so that you too can and remember that there is a space for laughter at work.

Classic works of office

Who said that police do not have a sense of humor?

“My wife works in a pharmacy. In honor of the Day of the Doctor presented him with this certificate”

Today is an excellent day to do NOTHING.

A certificate for 1 day of rest*
*1 day of rest paid

When you ask the waiter to give you as much sauce free as you can

A cake for a colleague that is going to another job

“You died for us. We hope you fail”.

A surprise that we found beneath the carpet in our place of work

“Get out of here.”

“I am a abejera beginner, and I was told that a bite in the face is a rite of initiation. So now I am officially initiated”

Oh, these jokers

Now the main thing is not to confuse anything

When the cook knows his job well

The place of work of an introvert

Passions in the work

The bathroom will remain closed until Monday.
Someone of you threw a bouquet of flowers.


A Central Court came a demand in this on

Gerard David, “The peeling of Sisamnes” (corrupt judge), 1498.

Tell us about your work days, is there room for humor?

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