14 Companies that do not let their customers fall into disgrace

A good service to the public is one of the conditions for the prosperity of any organisation, whether a factory or a fast food restaurant.

Great.guru met for you 14 amazing examples of companies that led the relationship with its clients to a higher level.

14. A boy asked for toilet paper in the train via Twitter. And they took him

A young brit named Adam was in a very delicate situation. When she went to the bathroom on the train, discovered that there was no toilet paper. Desperate, he wrote to the Twitter account of the company Virgin Trains. Not only will respondidieron, but also helped him to get out of the awkward situation.

13. The pilot of the airline Frontier bought pizza for the passengers of the delayed flight

The plane of airline american Frontier Airlines with destination to Denver was forced to land in Wyoming because of bad weather conditions. After, for 2 hours waited on the track. The pilot, Gerhard Bradner decided to brighten the hopes of the people exhausted by the long journey, asked for pizza for 160 passengers and led directly to the board.

12. In a furniture company painted a pony with a tyrannosaurus at the request of the client

The user Pavis0047 of the page Imgur commissioned a table in the company “The Human Solution”. Due to delays, it will not be able to deliver. In compensation, the client frustrated received a drawing of a pony with a tyrannosaurus, since he himself had asked in a letter in the tone of a joke.

11. The store, Sainsbury’s changed the name of one of its products at the request of a little girl of 3 years

The mother of Lily Robinson, 3 years, published on his blog a letter written by the girl, who was heading to a british retailer. After viralizara quickly in social networks, Lily received a reply from the manager of Sainsbury’s Chris King. “Dear Lily, I think that is a great idea to rename the bread from tiger bread to giraffe. The picture of truth is more like the spots of a giraffe than the stripes of a tiger,” the letter said. Subsequently, in the premises of this chain actually appeared the bread of giraffe.

10. A man asked for a meal and brought him a steak directly to the airport

Peter Shankman, marketing specialist u.s., when travel wrote on the Twitter account of the company “Morton’s Steakhouse”. Asked in joke, that will take the steak to the airport and the representatives of the company reacted very seriously to the order of Shankman. When it arrived, I was waiting for a man in a tuxedo with your order.

9. This company develops video games sent to a client a game that does a lot of that wasn’t for sale

The wedding of the user of Imgur CapnDomovoi he confessed that before he liked a lot of the video game called “Equestriad 2001” and that 10 years ago it was not on sale. The user decided to do something cute for your girlfriend and with low expectations wrote to the developers of the game: the company Tantalus. In 10 days received a package with a disc. In addition, as they themselves indicated in their letter of response, the representatives of the company chose the cheapest option for delivery.

8. An online store u.s. sent a New Year’s gift to its buyer… oh yes!

In the package, the surprised man found headphones for 100 USD. Despite the fact that during the year he made a single purchase on Zappos.

The store of clothing and footwear american is famous for his good treatment to the customers. For example, in 2011 the representatives of the company sent a bouquet of flowers to a woman who brought 6 pairs of shoes that don’t were well to his sick mother. In the same year he sent a pair of free shoes to a man who could stay without shoes in the wedding of a friend, due to an error of logistics of the company. Zappos has the record of the conversation you support more long. The April 4, 2017 the employee of Stephanie spoke with a client during 10 hours and 51 minutes.

7. The technical support service liked the drawing of a boy and sent him a pocket-watch

Another user of the website Imgur, Jettaboy04, made an order in the service of image printing EasyCanvasPrints. The support staff asked what had Pikachu in his hands in the drawing. When he was told that it was a pocket watch, sent to your customer with the same clock gift.

6. The company Domino’s saved the life of her regular customer

The neighbor of Oregon Kirk Alexander almost every day asking for pizza at Domino s. The disappearance of his regular customer for almost 2 weekswas a great concern to the manager of the chain. The employee, Sarah Fullerllamó to the police and when they arrived at the house of Alexander, found there the owner, who obviously needed medical help. They took him to the hospital and it saved her life.

5. The manufacturers of headphones or earphones for a long time supplied a girl of removable pads

A typical story. A girl, whose username is fiKdiHovich, lost their pads. To know where to buy them, turned to the manufacturer Sennheiser. In response we sent 8 pairs of pads new.

4. Samsung gave a guy a phone by its creativity

The canadian Shane Banneth is a big fan of the technology of Samsung. Before the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S III asked the company that gave him a new model by attaching a fun drawing of a dinosaur. At first they denied it, but after Shane shared this story on the Internet and became viral, Samsung gave him a phone. Of course, with this same dinosaur.

3. Dell replaced the client a monitor that is defective

The story was shared by the user Cold86. Told that I had a Dell monitor and that after a year of use there was a defect in the screen: a few waves of white. The man took a photo of the problem and sent it to technical support. A month later they sent a new monitor.

2. Apple gave a man a tablet that his wife forbade him to buy

When he began the launch of the iPad 2, the Apple representatives followed closely the return of its products. A case , they drew attention. A tablet was returned with a note: “My wife said no”. However, the man received the highly-prized gadget along with a note: “Apple says yes.”

1. The airline West Jet gave its passengers a little miracle of christmas

In December 2013, the company requested that the passengers of two flights West Jet to come to the counters. There they had to express their christmas wishes. All were registered and delivered to teams of volunteers who bought all the things listed and taken to the airport of destination. After landing, together with their baggage, the passengers surprised also received gifts. Their reactions can be seen in this video.

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