14 deleted Scenes that made malentendiéramos some movies

Have you spent any time looked at a movie and not entiendías the action of the character, or you seemed to be illogical some of the scenes? For some reason, the films have not only removed the jacks failed, but also the plot lines that respond to many questions.

Great.guru was surprised by the decision of the directors to remove these 14 scenes keys and leave the spectator alone with their own assumptions.

Fantastic beasts and where to find them

The golden rule of fantastic films. If you did not show the body of the character killed, that means he survived. In a scene that is not showed to the spectators (maybe we will see in the second part of the film), Credence climbs to the deck of the ship planning from New York.

Batman: the dark knight rises

When Cillian Murphy (Scarecrow) appears as the judge, sentence the convicted to the “exile“ (the prisoners, instead of condemning them to death, gave them a attempt to get out of the city on the fragile ice of the river). In the scene removed, James Gordon question: ”is there Not a lawyer, there are no witnesses, this is a legal procedure appropriate?“. To which Scarecrow responds: “This is more of what gave them to the prisoners, commissioner,”. This means that the methods of punishment were unjust and Batman for the most part it is the villain (he and the commissioner also sent convicts to prison without a trial).

Pirates of the Caribbean

What Jack was not a pirate? Sparrow was not a thief, was a merchant who cooperated with a trading company in eastern India. But instead of transporting slaves in his ship, Wicked Wench, freed (10:58). By such an act, his boat was burned and branded “pirate”.


Wade is diagnosed with terminal cancer. In a scene deleted, Wade and Vanessa go to Guadalajara to find the treatment in the black market. There, Wade realizes that the doctor does not help their patients, but that deceives. Having lost all hope, Wade kills the doctor in full view. This scene shows the reason why Wade became the cruel Deadpool.


Zootopia is a beautiful animal society in which the predators, herbivores, and omnivores live in peace. There is a scene that explains this phenomenon. Judy and Nick were a party in honor of the initiation of a young bear. The bear father gives a gift to his son. It is a collar with an electric shock. When the bear becomes too wild receives an electrical shock. That is the key.

The Lord of the Rings: the two towers

In the movie they have ignored the death of Saruman. Your destination is only mentioned in passing and the public know only that he disappeared and I lost power, despite the fact that they filmed a scene of her murder.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2: The threat of Electro

The parents of Peter were considered dead and Parker tried to find out about his death as much as possible. There is an alternate ending to the movie “The Amazing Spider-Man 2,” in which occurs a culmination unexpected: Peter meets his father.

Game of Thrones

The deleted scenes shed light on the end of the love story of Tyrion and Shae. Bronn advised to the lover of the right hand of the king “adapt to circumstances”. And as we showed in the end, Shae obeyed.

Star Wars: Episode VII — The awakening of the Force

“I was a soldier of assault. Of guys picking us up of families, to which we can never return and we are raised with a single purpose. But in my first battle I realized that I’m not a murderer. I’m not going to go back with them, ” explained Finn King. But the episode not being shown to the public, although there is a scene deleted that explains the decision of Finn. In the first battle he meets a woman with a child and hides the weapon.


Do you remember the biology class at the beginning of the movie? I was supposed to have been a very bloody. Edward sees blood and poking the fangs in the neck of Bella. In the 5 movies there is a set of similar scenes (they had to show another face of Cullen), but not dared to show them to the spectators.


The producers decided to complicate the film, and eliminated several key scenes. For example, an episode introductory alternative where the aliens used black liquid to create humanity. We performed a rite, and, as a result, the DNA alien starts to breed in the water, forming the whole life. If they left this scene, then the viewer would not have to think the whole movie what kind of black substance is and where it came from.

Pretty woman

Do you remember how Edward saves Vivian from the drug dealers? Isn’t it? And with reason, this scene was not included in the movie, not to spoil the impression of the main character and not show all sides of your life in this profession. The original script was much more dramatic, and part of the deal was that Vivian would have to leave the cocaine for a whole week.

Blade Runner

The scene lasts less than 30 seconds, but completely changed the plot of the film. The movie had a happy ending, but in the director’s cut version, Deckard finds the origami of a unicorn. This symbol plays an important role, and only makes sense when the directors have added dreams. Now it is clear that Deckard is actually a replicant, and Guff has put the origami of a unicorn, which means that he saw all the dreams of Deckard.

Suicide squad

It is hard to imagine Harley Quinn without a baseball bat, but why did you choose this type of weapon? In the scene removed you can see the Joker, who has killed someone using this object. And in the next scene, the Joker banned to kill Harley, showing a special arrangement to her. The birth of such feelings led to the fact that Quinn get the bat.

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