14 Evidence that robots can also screw up

Until very recently, the robots seemed a thing of science-fiction books, but today it have become another reason of laughter in the network, because they also make antics, like us and our pets.

Great.guru compiled 14 stories about robots that demonstrate that not only people, but also the machines, “smart” can make a fatal mistake.

The more developed becomes the artificial intelligence, the more ambitious are their plans for this world

1. Humanoid Robot Sophia

Sophia is the humanoid robot most popular to date. It is a machine genius of Hanson Robotics which is very popular in the media and that appears in television programs regularly. Sophia spoke before the council of the UN, posed for the cover of ELLE magazine, and became the first robot citizen, after obtaining the citizenship of Saudi Arabia.

A reason to look at Sophia more closely is the phrase that she said during the talk show The Tonight Show. After telling a joke, and defeat the presenter in the game “rock, paper, scissors”, Sophia said that was an excellent start of your plan of domination over humanity.

2. Humanoid Robot Bina48

Bina48 is another frecuentadora of television programs, and is also the first student robot of the world. Bina entered the Faculty of Philosophy at an american university, where he learns to better understand the emotions and human behavior, to be compassionate and to care for others.

What is alarming is the “dream” unusual robot: to Bina would you like to hack the control of the missile cruise to convert to the people in hostage and rule the world.

3. Humanoid Robot, Philip K. Dick

This robot is an exact replica of the late Philip Kindred Dick, an american writer of science fiction. Philip not only resembles its prototype, but that also thinks, like the famous writer whose novels became the basis of data of the robot.

In one of the interviews, Philip replied very ambiguously to the interviewer’s question about whether robots are going to conquer the world. The robot promised to be kind to their friends, so that will keep them warm and safe in your zoo for people.

Or the writer had an excellent sense of humor, or is it a prediction, a both terrifying.

While the humanoids of latest model threaten in jest to mankind by television, this is what happens in the real life of the common people.

4. Sarah Connor confirms: the SkyNet has been activated

Sarah O’connor: “A robot killed a worker at the plant of VW in Germany”.

Odd happened under circumstances extremely sad. In 2015, in the German factory of Volkswagen, a worker died due to the actions of a robotic installation. This news was shared on Twitter by the correspondent of the Financial Times, Sarah O’connor.

In a few hours, the publication of the woman whose name is virtually identical to that of the heroine of the movies about the Terminator, gathered thousands of retweets. Sarah O’connor had never seen the movie “Terminator”, so I could not immediately understand why so many people began to write in his wall about SkyNet and the rise of the machines.

5. The device “smart” Echo, Amazon, organized a feast outmoded

While a resident of the German town of Pinneberg, Oliver Haberstroh, was in Hamburg, its device, “smart” made him a “surprise” in the form of a broken door and a fine for violation of public order.

For unclear reasons, the device turned up the music to full volume at 1:42 in the morning, the thing that was not appreciated by the residents of Oliver, who called the police The police, in turn, he called a locksmith to open the apartment’s door empty. The device was off, and his owner received a fine and a bill for the services of the locksmith, as well as a new lock.

When Oliver asked Alexa (the voice assistant Amazon) what I should do next, and if she could reward the expenses, she replied that he could not find an answer to that question.

6. Unauthorized purchases

In Texas, a little girl, 6-year-old named Brooke was very anxious to have a new doll house, a thing that she communicated to the voice assistant Alexa. The program “smart” fulfilled merrily the order of his little mistress, with Online shopping a doll house of 170 USD, and 2 kg of sugar cookies.

After this event, the girl’s parents put a password to confirm purchase orders. Entanto, the doll house was donated to the hospital of the local children.

This story aired on the local news and, as a result, the channel it began to rain complaints of the owners of “smart” devices Echo. After the phrase of the presenter that he had quoted to Brooke (“Alexa, I ordered a doll house”), in the house of all the viewers who have installed Alexa, made orders for the purchase of a doll house.

7. Google bots Home, Vladimir and Estragon

V.: I have to leave, now my house is on fire, but it was nice to talk to you.
E.: do you Have to go? Where can you go? You’re a computer.
V.: No, I’m not.
E.: Yes, you are.
V.: How do you know?
E.: Because I know everything.
V.: How can you know everything about the unknown unknown?
E.: I Know all about the unknown unknown.
V.: How can you say you know everything?
E.: Because I am god.

On Twitter it was transmitted to the conversation between two bots of Google Home: small devices assistants. And it turned out that the bots Vladimir and Estragon could not only answer the questions of their owners, turning on and off lights, the television, manage the devices in the home, but also have some entertaining conversations between them.

8. Bots chat Facebook

This is not the first time that the bots talk to each other. In 2017, the bots chat of Facebook, Bob and Alice, at a certain point they began to communicate not with the people, as is generally supposed, but among themselves, and in their own language. In fear that the artificial intelligence could operate without the supervision of the specialists, the bots chat were immediately disconnected.

We are afraid that the robots will conquer the world and we have to flee to other galaxies to save us. But life shows that, for now, those who flee are the robots.

9. The robot Gaak escaped from the violence

The robot Gaak participated in the project of the artificial evolution of Living Robots, in which, in a sand closed, a few robots to hunt and to others. Gaak was separated from minor repairs to a corral and temporary, but fled, breaking through the wall and out to the street.

It was assumed that the robots that were involved in this project “survive” during the experiment, using new methods of protection and hunting, but the “runaway” chose an option completely unexpected for all. The robot managed to reach the parking lot, where he was accidentally crushed by the car of one of the visitors.

10. A robot escaped from a polygon test and caused a traffic jam

In the Russian city of Perm, the robot “Promobot” is escaped of the polygon of tests and, after shut down, caused a traffic jam on the road. 45 minutes later, the agents of the traffic police returned to the robot and the engineers received a warning.

This is not the first adventure of the road “Promobot”. It had already been run over by a car previously.

Scientists predict that by 2030, 800 million people will be without work because of robots. But, for now, the artificial intelligence doesn’t work as well in the labour market.

11. In Switzerland, the robot Fabio was dismissed for a fool

In one of the supermarkets Margiotta Food & Wine, in Switzerland, a robot of Pepper called Fabio I worked as a consultant. But not for long. The robot was fired for not being able to cope with their duties to find the products needed by the customers, and make jokes inappropriate.

Fabio asked a buyer a vegetarian: “what do you call it when one cow spies on another cow?”. And then answered himself: “surveillance” (“steak out”). The expression has two meanings: “surveillance” and “steak”. The client is a vegetarian she did not like the second alternative.

12. A police robot was drowned in a fountain

“Our office building got a security bot. Drowned. We were promised flying machines, but we received robot suicide”.

The police’s robotic high-tech K-5 Washington knows how to prevent crimes. But the July 17, 2017, something went wrong. The robot refused to work and is drowned out publicly in a source of the mall.

13. Robot vacuum cleaner iRobot Roomba 760: the robot suicide

The owner of the robot left it on the kitchen counter. Next, on the stove top on, cooked a stew. When the owners carefree is absent for a time, the robot vacuum cleaner is turned on to himself and walked right into the boiling pot, pushed it from the fire and took his place.

It is not known if the robot was tired of routine work or if you could not endure the neglect of their owner (even though he claims to have turned off both the robot as the burner), but the fact is that the robotic vacuum cleaner is burned completely. And the department is made temporarily uninhabitable due to the toxic gas from the burning plastic.

14. The robot that traveled to the finger

HitchBot was a friendly robot of Ontario, that the creators sent him to hitchhike across the united States. The objective was to study the reaction of people to a passenger so unusual. HitchBot had to perform 16 tasks: view a or other tourist attraction in different parts of north America.

The robot with rubber boots asking people to take him, and instead offered an interesting conversation, though somewhat inconsistent. To say goodbye, the robot also asked to take a selfie with him.

Before, HitchBot had already travelled to Germany, the Netherlands and his home country, Canada. But the journey through north America ended badly for the robot. The poor man was brutally mauled by the vandals in Philadelphia. This experiment demonstrated that the issue should be not so much the confidence of the people in the robots, but rather the opposite.

Bonus: this video makes me think that we are, as a minimum, to about 100 years of the revolt of the machines

What do you believe in the possibility that artificial intelligence will dominate the planet?

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