14 Images of Women that show the power of makeup and the surreal difference with the face washed

For many of the women in our society is completely impossible to leave the house without a little makeup. There are those who paint the stripe, a bit of blush and are already prepared to face the world, but they also are in need of a full coverage. You are the type of woman that you are, the change is impressive.

These 14 women have decided to show the world the change of their faces, newly erected in front of a total makeover and complete. How do you think you are better?

Total makeover vs. Face washed what’s your favourite?

1- #thepowerofmakeup

2- “there is No shame in wearing make-up

3 – Beautiful in any way

4 – Makeup On and Off

5- “Trying new things in my free day”

6 – there is Always that feeling beautiful

7 – Embrace a version of yourself that best makes you feel

8 – No makeup, Contouring, Highlight and Final look

9 – The two faces of the same woman

Power of make up или не доверяйте никому ,особенно девушкам в наше-то время 😅🌓 но не сказала бы ,что кардинально что-то изменила , я сторонник макияжа ,который лишь подчеркивает достоинства и скрывает недостатки ,не меняя человека до неузнаваемости ,хотя был ,знаете ли ,сегодня такой соблазн , для более очевидной разницы 🐍 и почему телефон так безобразно тянет лицо !? #визажистиркутск #макияжиркутск #бровииркутск #иркутск #powerofmakeup #thepowerofmakeup

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10 – a total Vision of the power of makeup

11- “So I am without make up”

12 – Pretty in any way

13- #makeupaddict

14 – Half-face –

Makeup is an important part of the daily routine for many women, but should never be an obligation for any of them. If you feel better with your good base, or you are one of those that blush he saves the life of, maquíllate to feel better and ignore what the world has to say it.

Are you going to work with your face washed? Or do you prefer to apply makeup to the full by if a candidate emerges loving?

I share it with all your friends and let them know that, made up or not, they are always gorgeous!

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Cover image: peachyqueenblog

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