1.4 billion stolen login details found on the dark web

On the dark web is a database found containing 1.4 billion stolen user names and passwords drawn from a variety of data breaches.

Security researchers from 4iQ found the database, which includes stolen the data of 250 previous leaks from sites like LinkedIn, MySpace and Netflix. In many cases, it is already known that the information in the past was stolen, but according to 4iQ concern is the fact that all of that data to cyber-criminals are now combined and easy to browse.

Unsafe passwords

The found passwords were probably once protected, but in this database they are encrypted. Therefore, it is again clear that a lot of people insecure passwords, and often use the same opt for multiple accounts. The most common passwords in the database are 123456 (or a variation thereon), password and qwerty.

The message is clear: use strong passwords for each site or service differences. But they think of and remember can be quite a task. If you have a password manager considered?

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