14 New examples of ideas of designers that cause many questions

Every year people are looking for something new, something that actually impress and provoke much discussion. Modern designers are well aware of and that is why from time to time arise garments and trends which meet the requirements of the users.

Today in Great.guru did a selection of this kind of stuff. Watch and tell us in the comments what you liked and what you hit.

Shoes socks. So you don’t have a cold.

And what do you think of this bag baguette French?

Pant legs fried chicken”

Are you bold enough for this type of footwear?

The designers ruthless did not stop with the bikini hairy, this is what they created:

And this skirt looks more like a mat of car

And this is for those who finally want to present the world with your third eye

The croptops there are now also for men

If you want to be fashionable even when it rains, this is the perfect choice for you

This type of clothing inside “security” is sold in China. What will you buy?

And these are the pants for those who have tired of the jeans conventional

Astropecas, located in the form of the constellation of your Zodiac sign

Suit that mimics X-ray

Garment to form pompis of envy

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