14 Films in which the actors interpreted the lovers in such a way that after you see them you regret that they are only works of fiction

Love is a theme eternal and inexhaustible for the writers. With wisdom, they manage to show relationships ideals, in different situations and sometimes very difficult. To see such a movie one wants to sigh sadly and say: “What a pity that in real life does not happen!”

Great.guru decided to compile 14 stories of love more memorable. When you see them, you want to be the place of the character protágonico and experience the same emotions.

1. P. S. I Love You (2007)

Not everyone can cope with the loss of a loved one. This happened to the protagonist of the film. To lose the sense of his life, suffers a prolonged depression: do not leave the house, lose the job and lives with the memories of a past happy. Unfortunately only in the movies, a loved one can predict everything. And have time to prepare the instructions for a future life without him, which will help to cope with the pain. Will appear someone who is ready to help in a difficult situation.

2. Diary of a passion (2004)

A touching love story between two young people of different social classes who fell in love at a very early age. Though life many times put to the test, never renounced their happiness. Unfortunately, this is rarely seen in real life. And almost no one will dance with you in the path.

3. Atonement, desire and sin (2007)

The fantasy of a child was capable of destroying the lives of several people, but the beginning was wonderful: a sense of the love of rapid, strong emotions and happiness without limits. While watching the film, many viewers forgot that these were only actors and not lovers who can’t breathe without one another.

4. The Fault in Our Stars (2014)

Despite the severity of the disease, the protagonists of the movie “the Fault in Our Stars,“ tried to be happy. Of course, the end is the default in this situation but it takes a lot of courage to venture and let someone in your life, knowing that this fairy tale will not end with the words ”And they lived happily ever after.”

5. Moulin Rouge-love in red (2001)

Paris, where, if not in this city one can believe in true love? Which is a little unconventional. The riot of colors brings to the world of true love where all love, and love so that the sparks fly, the moon sings and death is forced to wait and give time to the two lovers. After such stories it is difficult to return to our daily lives.

6. The fountain of life (2006)

One of the stories more poignant and beautiful about the power of love. The protagonist is ready to make any sacrifice. Wasting the last few hours that he could spend with his beloved sets out on a crazy ride that seems to be the only salvation possible.

7. Chocolate (2000)

In real life you will rarely find a person who knows how to make the people around you are more happy with true and simple things. But the young and attractive Vianne has a real gift. Time passes and she will be able to reach the residents of the city, they were not always kind to her. You can also enchant a tramp. And this hobo is also unlikely. Looks rebel from the outside, but is attentive and good on the inside. It is impossible not to fall in love with such a person.

8. Vanilla sky (2001)

What one needs in order to be happy? Do you have to the specified person or any thing, the ideal appearance or financial resources unlimited? Sometimes these thoughts make reality unbearable. The protagonist of the film suffered in the flesh. He realized how beautiful life is when you’re young, rich, beautiful and how everything falls apart if you change your appearance. But love can make masks of anyone.

9. Sweet November (2001)

The problems of the protagonist of the film are familiar to each of us: lack of time and permanent inability to live a full life. Only a girl like Sarah will be able to break the hardness of the character of the protagonist. All admire both its strength and its fragility, is always ready and in addition is of a nature affective.

10. Begin Again (2013)

The creativity, the relationships, the friendship and the chance to begin all over again. There occurs a scenario more ideal. “What I like about music is that even the scene more banal suddenly acquires great significance”. It is a pity that our lives are not accompanied by soundtracks poignant.

11. I before thee (2016)

In the dark times of the brilliant people are especially visible. Lou bursts into Will’s life as a fireworks display with their costumes strange, and with a peculiar way of seeing the world. Sometimes we all need to find a person who can believe in us, not only giving us confidence selflessly, but also the feeling that our life has a lot of sense.

12. Dare to love (2003)

Adults don’t play children’s games, but the protagonists of the film “Dare to love“ could not help it. It is difficult to imagine a relationship as crazy in real life. More than each other, they love only their actions crazy. ”What would happen if we were to see for 10 years?” Can you tell someone whom you love and stick to your word?

13. Always the same day (2011)

They met in the graduation ceremony. The romance does not prosper, but remained friends for 20 years. Emma is intelligent, interesting and is always ready to help. Dexter is beautiful, irresponsible, and constantly needs this help. He tells her about all of your girls and she, repressing your feelings and your inner pain, becomes your support. They are always looking for alternative options and do not dare to admit their feelings. In real life, too often it seems that any happiness is short-lived and unreliable. Then it is best to keep the feelings to oneself. What a pity that many do not have the boldness like that of the protagonists of the film “Always the same day”.

14. Eternal brilliance of a mind without memories (2004)

It is not easy to separate from a person you once loved. In your memory will be a few small things that will make you remember it always. Special words, songs, those trinkets that only make sense in a particular context and much more. Joel also commits the mistake of deciding to destroy the memories of his ex, but the time understand how much he loves this girl cam and try to keep it in their memory in any way. If I had a chance to erase the memories of the memory, what would you want to? In a fit of strong emotions, perhaps yes, but after that with certainty you would have repented.

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