14 Tricks that will help you to save you in a life-threatening situation

We hope that you never, ever have had the opportunity to meet with a dog that suffers from rabies, a poisonous snake, getting lost in the open sea, or walking in the boiling desert. But if you has passed, then it is important to know how to act in the right way. Because the chance of survival in these situations is less than 10 percent.

For that you are prepared for such situations, Great.guru you will be on the skills and tricks that will save your life in situations super complicated.

1. If you’re in the open sea

Imagine that you were thrown into the open sea from a boat, what should you do? To survive in a large bucket of salt water you will need 3 things: food, water, and temperature.

  1. There is food in the ocean, however you will need to get it. In 1942 a sailor English was in the sea for 133 days, because he built a fishing-rod with the wires of a flashlight. If there are materials, then do the same thing. If you don’t have anything to hand make a network with a garment. Immerse yourself under the water, it catches plankton and algae.
  2. To get water, get a distiller. It consists of two containers: one large and one small, in addition to a plastic bag. The water in the large container will evaporate, permancerá on the plastic, and shall be deposited in the small.
  3. A person will die faster from heat stroke than from hunger. In addition, the sun reflects on the water and damages the retina of the eye. Take off part of your clothes and cover your head and eyes.

2. If you get lost in the desert

  • You try to move around during the night. In the evenings the temperature can drop -50 to -15 degrees celsius. Moving during the night you will reduce dramatically the risk of dehydration and heat stroke. This tactic will help you to keep up to three litres of water a day.

  • Many people believe that cacti have water. In reality, within the cactus is an alkaline liquid, toxic. When you take it, you having contaminated all. The water in the desert can be found in the underground sources which may be located at a shallow depth.

3. If you are under the rubble

If you’re under the rubble, the most precious resource is air. Therefore, in order not to waste it, it is important to act correctly.

  • Inhale deeply, and exhale slowly. Do not light matches or a lighter, since this will reduce oxygen levels.
  • Do not yell at him. The screams intensify the panic, the breathing, the heartbeat, and therefore, the flow of air.
  • Remove your shirt or t-shirt and tie around your entire head. You will protect yourself from suffocation when the dust and dirt hit your face.

4. If you encounter a wolf or a wild dog

The wolf can acatarte if you are within their territory. If you have seen, walk away slowly while maintaining eye contact.

  • Do not turn away and do not run. A wolf single is not going to attack the front. When you flee, you will cause him coming up behind you.
  • To frighten this wild animal, make a noise as loud as possible and act in an aggressive manner. Yell, howl, talk in a loud voice and retreat slowly.
  • If you are lucky enough to find a pack of wolves or feral dogs, do not let that surround you. Stand with your back to a tree and try to scale it.

5. Do matches against water

To survive in any weather, the fire is very important. But the matches or the lighter you can get wet, so it’s worth to make them water resistant just in case. To do this, simply covering the phosphor with a thin layer of clear varnish and let it dry.

6. If you are bitten by a poisonous snake

How it looks the bite of a poisonous snake: immediately after the bite, the affected area starts to hurt a lot. The color of the blood may change to dark red or blue. Below is a swelling or other symptoms: headache, blurred vision, stuttering, nausea, or fever.

What to do: doctors did not advise to remove the poison, as in the mouth you can find small wound through which the poison reaches the blood. But if you’re far from a hospital, then you have no other option. It is necessary to take out the poison for 1 or 2 seconds after the bite, constantly escupiéndolo and washing your mouth.

Do not apply bandage or pressing the place of bite. If the poison is concentrated in one place, cause tissue necrosis. Let the blood, with it will come another part of the poison.

7. How to distinguish the bite of a rabid animal?

If you are bitten, immediately wash the wound with soap and water. Even if the animal did not have rabies, the wound can be fished quickly an infection.

  • The wound by a rabid animal will bleed for a long period, then will turn red and will swell too. After you will have a strong comenzón, the temperature will increase and you will have a strong irritability.

The whole disease by the rage lasts 4 to 7 days and ends with death. This is why it is important to go to the hospital and place the vaccine during the incubation period, which lasts 1 to 3 days.

8. How to properly send the signal SOS

If you’re in trouble and you’ve been left without means of communication, it will be useful to know how to send the signal SOS (distress signal) long-distance.

  • The signal SOS looks and sounds like this: three lights short (or no sound), then three long and three short.
  • After the signal, waits three seconds, then repeats. If you reply with three lights flashlight or three whistles, then the rescuers are directed towards you.

9. Learn how to sew up wounds of any kind

A seam correctly applied will help to stop the bleeding, to close a big wound, prevent infection and save a life. That’s why this is one of the most useful skills in an emergency situation.

10. An object that will save the life

A capsule of rescue contains the necessary objects that will help you to warm thyself, to find food, water and healing first hand. In addition, it occupies little space.

In a small jar, for example of medicines, it puts the following items: matches, part of his cubby, plaster, a part of aluminum, rake, fish hook, pill, antibiotic, a small candle, thread, a piece of duct tape and a towel disinfectant.

11. Does not choke you with his hands tied, or damaged

This technique was described in the old book “Cat marine”, Clint Emerson. These actions will help you if not you can paddle with your hands so to not drown yourself in great depths as in the raging sea.

The control of breathing is most important. It is important not to panic, to breathe in a moderate way. The inhalation should be deep and rapid exhalation.

If the depth is small, then use the approach of diving and jumping, going to the shore. If you swim on your stomach, arch your back to lift your head above the water. In a stormy sea, a coup full of the body will allow us to take a deep breath and continue with our movement to the shore.

12. How to turn on a wet wood

Such a technique for lighting a pyre-flame torch“Swedish”. Place the trunk vertically, make a cut in the shape of a star as deep as possible. Inside and put the wood chips and dried grass and starting the fire.

  • The trunk placed in such a way it ignites fast and burns for 2 to 5 hours without relying on the size, the dryness and type of wood.

13. How to shoot correctly

Great.guru is against the use of weapons. But in situations in which your life is hanging by a thread, you need to protect yourself. That’s why, if you have a weapon in your hands, it is important to know how to aim properly and click on click on the trigger.

  • When pressed, it must be exactly in the middle of the pad of your index finger. Before you shoot, breathe slow and steadily.

14. Fish trap

In the search for food, the fish during the night, nothing near the coast, or climbs up to shallow water. That’s why, if you miss, it is useful to know how to make a fish trap and get a lot of food.

  • The trap of the model “funnel” is constructed of a heap of stones and branches. At night the funnel catches a lot of fish, where it is very difficult to get out. To extract the fish, close the exit and shake the water. Capture the fish you can do it even with the hands.

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