15+ Animals that know how to be friends and to love as much as the human

Sure that people who have pets may have noticed that sometimes they are more compassionate, caring, and loving people. The animals are able to be true friends, to love selflessly and to help in a difficult situation.

Great.guru went back to check it and has made a selection of photos of animals most disturbing, where they show that nothing human is alien.

These two have been friends for more than 5 years

The dog called Brut share your favorite toy with a crying baby

These dogs just can’t let go

A stray dog kept warm for a cyclist, injured during the night

A chimpanzee taking care of a small tiger as if it were your mother

A friendship unusual, but strong

A seal also knows how to smile

With a helper like that, sure that all will go well

10 years ago that this cat visits his friend in the zoo

This cute puppy helps cheetah to the zoo to calm down. Cheetahs are animals very nervous, and many times they need support

A great team

It seems that this little dog turned out to be a great babysitter

A lioness adopted a baby antelope orphan

It seems that this little one is in good paws

Nothing unusual, just a dog feeding a lamb with a bottle

This is the cat Sophie, who saved her owner from depression

She loves animals and will respond to your kindness and affection, and will give many positive emotions!

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