15 brave Animals that had a battle with bees and ended up with war wounds

We all love our pets: they are curious, adventurous, playful and brave. We are confident that in the end you know who’s going to win in a battle with a bee, but always looking for challenges and hope that some day the bee loses. Maybe some day. But not this time. We are very sorry for them, but they look so funny and adorable with their faces stung by the bees. Remember, if you ever happen to your beloved pet, take it to the vet to receive treatment. Do not use antihistamines for humans, because the concentration of any drug must be calculated correctly according to the weight of the animal. And only after this, take a picture of the version of the caricature of your furry friend.

Scroll down and laugh a little. We are also pet lovers here at Great.guru and we can note with joy that each one of these pets made a full recovery.

Rudolph has a red nose, but a bee made it look more brilliant.

“What bees? No, it’s gum… I exploded a bubble”.

The bee helped me to improve my smile. What do you think?

Ups. I thought that it was only a fly.

Don’t mess with me, I now have one leg of Hulk.

I fought a little with bees for the strawberries in the garden of my human. The victory was not easy.

Oh Big foot exists! Here I am.

Now it seems like a breed of dog: husky terrier

I know this looks bad, but you should see the other guy.

Eat a bee, they told me. It will be fun, they said to me.

What bee? I had an injection in botox.

Just dare to tell me that I’m not handsome

Yes, I’m a boxer… but there were many more than I do.

I don’t know what race I am.

I’m a hound dog, today is my turn.

Does your dog or cat has ever had an incident with a bee? We hope that you’re okay, and never will again! Share your photos in the comments so we can all appreciate her beautiful face Goofy. And share this article with your friends. No one would bad a little laughter.

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