15 Items alien to children that they leave too many questions

The products for kids are an excellent way of enriching himself at the expense of parents who want to give their children “the best”. The manufacturers make any trick trying to highlight their products among a large variety of items for children.

Great.guru simply could not overlook these products for children that will probably surprise you and cause desire to buy.

Wig baby

Tired of waiting for the child’s hair grow? Just put on a wig. They come with a cute quiff.

Hair for the tail

The manufacturer offers a hairdryer to the busy parent. They say, after changing diapers, “it is almost impossible to wait until the tail of the baby ” air dry only”. Really?

The unicorn, that makes it… a rainbow. Well, you got it

The dolls that drink water or urinate are outmoded. The future is of these unicorns.

Fork to the legs of the babies

According to the manufacturer, this device should facilitate the diapering process. Are you willing to try?

Shoes heels for babies

Oh very cute shoes! They’re not going to use for walking, but oh what style!

A potty chair with a stand for tablet

It is the TWENTY-first century, you can’t have a potty chair without a tablet!

Clothes for the mother and for the baby

In theory, this way the child should feel warmer. But why just reminds me of the scenes from “Alien”?

A monkey that cleans the floor

In fact, this monkey was first a joke of the japanese designers, but then someone entrepreneur began to manufacture it really. If you are going to buy this clothing for your child, try at least not to immerse the “broom” in the water.

Support for hanging the child in the wall

A hammock, of course, is comfortable, but what happens if the mother has to go to the bathroom? Hang the baby on the hook, what is the problem?

A watering device for cribs

No, I do not remember at all a drinker for hamsters. Although…

Analyzer the sound of babies crying

Before approaching a child crying, find out why it is squealing. The only option to come and calm it’s not bad, but don’t you want to test this gadget?

Saddle the dad

The game of horses has never been so real. Don’t be surprised if the dad does not like this game.

A toy to save the milk teeth fallen baby

Now the child can go to sleep hugging a toy that will beat their milk teeth. No, it is not for nothing horrific.

Perfume for babies

They say that the smell of babies is very pleasant. But if you got tired quickly, just sprinkle the fragrance of the baby. But you will have to suffer for six months. Are designed for children from that age.

A system that increases the learning capacity of the child in the womb

This device is placed in the belly of the mother and sends “lessons” rhythm of the child, which, according to the manufacturer, increases its learning capacity. Don’t you think that is too much to teach a child in the womb?

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