15 common Things that were invented for purposes totally different

We are accustomed to believing that every thing has its end. But many objects initially had an entirely different look, and other uses completely different.

Great.guru invites you to join this small research will reveal the original purpose of some of the things that we know.


The pharmaceutical John Pemberton, a Civil War veteran of the united States, he created a syrup made of cola nuts and coca leaves. He recommended his medicine for digestive problems and to feel with more energy. Then he decided to produce your beverage in mass, but sold its shares. And the new owners began producing “Coca-Cola” with coca leaves, purified cocaine.

Little black dress

Until the 20s of the last century, the black suits were worn by both men and women to express mourning, and were used for 2 years as a minimum. But in 1926, Coco Chanel created in memory of their beloved the famous black dress the “Ford of Chanel”. First noticed the divas of the cinema, and then the dress became popular in all over the world.


The japanese Daisuke Inoue, a drummer in a rock band, started playing music for the customers that wanted to sing in the pauses between the presentations of the band. One day he could not attend, and gave them to his companions a cassette with the recording of their musical number. And in 1971 he invented an apparatus that reproduced music without words. The musicians rested, and the audience sang with gusto.

The plasticine Play-doh

Initially this substance was used to clean wallpaper in homes with fireplaces, where on the walls are accumulated soot. But soon they began to develop the role to upholster with vinyl, which was to be washed easily with a sponge, and the invention lost its value. However, a relative of the inventor, the teacher of a kindergarten, gave this material to children so that they could mold. I were delighted! After your ingredients was removed the detergent substance, added colouring and put Play-doh.


The prototype of the first treadmill was created by William Staub in 1817 to correct prisoners, and, of step, to grind grain in a mill. Held in a bar and had to walk constantly, so that the mechanism is in place.

Paper sticker notes

Spencer Silver was working in a sticky substance. But the glue was strong enough, so that the objects to be derived with ease. Then his colleague Art Fry tried to apply the substance on the standoffs that always fell from his prayer book. After a time, in the shops appeared the adhesive paper for notes, which is so popular now in all over the world.


In Ancient Egypt the high heels were a symbol of nobility: the nobles wore this type of shoe to the religious rites. It was used by both men and women. Also the butchers and the riders persios, those high heels helped to maintain stability while firing. In medieval Europe, heels were the privilege of the aristocrats, but after a while it began to be used more widely. And in the TWENTIETH century was invented the famous heel needle.

Packing with bubble

The famous plastic bubble was created by engineers Alfred Fielding and Marc Chavannes, in 1957. Initially, they were trying to create wallpaper plastic three-dimensional. And although the idea was not very successful, they discovered that the new material could be used for packing. Coming soon patented Bubble Wrap, which became a necessity in different fields.

Pillow for sleep

In Mesopotamia they used brackets to hard for the head to protect yourself from the insects, the water, and to preserve the hairstyle. And in Ancient China it was believed that the pillows soft not brought any utility, the pillows hard, bamboo, jade, porcelain, wood and bronze gave strength and protected it from the demons.


At the end of the NINETEENTH century, the workers of the oil industry were constantly struggling with the waxy substance that was accumulating in the pipes of the pumps. The English chemist Robert Chesebrough took evidence of that “jelly, petroleum”, investigated and discovered that he had healthy properties. At that time, its uses were very varied: from healing wounds to cleaning the carpets.

Spring “Slinky”

“Slinky“ was created not for children. One day Richard James was working with a device to compensate for vibration of the apparatus during a storm, and by accident he dropped a spring that began to move around the floor. Soon in stores appeared ”Slinky”, and the company James Spring & Wire Company and since then has sold 300 million of these toys.

Tea bags

In 1904 Thomas Sullivan, a seller of tea in New York, he decided to sell the tea more efficiently: in bags of silk. Customers occurred to them to use the newness to your way: don’t they got the tea leaves from the teabag, but that’s submerged in the hot water. As a result, sales soared and the idea developed more.


The brothers Johnson in 1879 created this antiseptic to disinfect the tools of surgeons. Also the name should be the surgeon Joseph Lister. People began to use the liquid on all sides: to heal the wounds, mouth care, against dandruff and fungi, and as a deodorant. The product became popular in the 1920’s after commercial of “Listerine“. In the poster, a girl, giving it back to her boyfriend with bad breath, wondered: ”how can I be happy with him despite this?”.


The company Pfizer was working on the creation of a medicine for cardiac diseases. However, after clinical tests, it turned out that in this field the new medicine was useless. However, during the experiment we detected an unusual side effect: the substance increased the blood circulation in the pelvic area. So it was as it had appeared, the famous “aphrodisiac”.


Few know that the microwave was not invented on purpose. Just a day the engineer of the Raytheon company Percy Spencer was testing equipment for radars and noticed that the waves melted a chocolate bar in your bolsllo. Then Percy did not think twice, put popcorn on the magnetron power and they began to burst immediately. It was a real discovery of the century!

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