15 interesting facts about how the body works male

Scientists around the world continue to constantly investigate the differences between men and women and discover constantly new important secrets of the body and the mind male.

In Great.guru we have prepared for you a small list of fun facts on this issue in boys. And more than one of them ends up being a revelation.

  • When a man listens to, use only half of their brain in the process. The other half may be thinking of another thing. Women, however, are different: when you listen, your brain is fully involved in the process. Therefore, in a conversation with a man, it is worthwhile to express your thoughts in a clear, brief and concise.
  • The senses of hearing, smell, and taste of the man, on average, are less developed than those of women. This is related to that females deal with more often than cook, clean and take care of the children.
  • In the darkness, the woman appreciates more details, but only in the short distances. The men, in the dark, come a little bit worse, being able to distinguish details at any distance.
  • Among men, the number of left-handed is three times higher than among women. On this phenomenon there is not yet a scientific explanation. According to the employees of the National University of Australia, people who handle the left-hand side can process large amounts of data faster when compared to right-handed.
  • Men are better at physical activity. The volume of blood in them is in average of 6 liters, whereas in women it is only 4.5 liters. The blood male is also much richer in haemoglobin and red blood cells, which improves the circulation of oxygen.
  • The nature has not provided to men and women the cellulite. This responds to the fact that men and women have different proportions between muscles, body fat and connective tissue. Men, by nature, have a muscle tissue is more developed and his skin, a higher content of collagen.
  • The men sleep more deeply. The electrical activity of the brain in the male rate decreased by 70 percent, and in women only 10. The reason for this can be found in the history of the primitive society. The man was a hunter who had to rest well in the home. The woman took care of everything, always watching the house and children.
  • Men find it easier to lose weight. The male body burning more calories to provide energy to the muscles and other organs. In addition, the levels of testosterone in men are 7 times greater, which increases the metabolism regardless of the factor of muscle mass, which is also in men is higher than in women.
  • A man perceives objects in motion. If an object stays static, it may not even be aware of. For this reason, the man always pays so much attention to a woman dancing.
  • Men are prone to raise a “beer belly”. This occurs because they increase the fat, not under the skin as a woman, but in the interior of the abdomen, between the internal organs.
  • The males have a weaker immune system. Are much more susceptible to infectious diseases than women. This is due to the testosterone, which has an anti-inflammatory effect. This hormone increases the functioning of genes that reduce inflammation, so the body produces fewer antibodies.
  • Various studies have confirmed that, as a general rule, men have the bladder of greater size and empty it less often than women. These, in the pelvis, have their reproductive organs, so that your bladder is lower. The ability in women ranges between 0.2 and 0.5 liters, and in males up to 0.7 litres.
  • The male body has 1.5 times more sebaceous and sweat glands than female. Due to this, men’s skin produces more sebum, and appears to be more greasy.
  • Men tolerate high temperatures worse. On the other hand, the male body is an excellent heater, because its temperature, on average, is 0.2 degrees higher than that of women. And the cause of this is related to their rapid metabolism and the heat production in the body.
  • Genetically, men are more simple than women. The active X chromosomes of the cells represent a set of cells, maternal and paternal. The men receive the X chromosome from the mother. The y chromosome contains less than 100 genes, while the X chromosome has around 1,500.

Men and women differ in every cell of your body because they have different sets of chromosomes. But just the fact of being so different is what makes us so interesting as desirable to one another. What do you think?

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