15 Decorations for Christmas that you can create with your hands

The holidays are a magical time. Even if you do not live in areas of snowfall, you portaste bad this year and you know that you’re not going to visit or Santa Claus or the three Kings, the magic feel it in the air. And it seems to transmit it to all the world!

In Great.guru we look forward to this feast as so important and we have already begun to prepare for it. How? For example, doing decorations, or gifts to hand. We want to share with you a selection of ideas of how to add magic to your home.

1. Napkins saplings

2. Candle aromatic

3. Saplings subtle

4. The packaging is also a part of the gift!

5. Decorations of what you have on hand

6. Cards with names of candy

7. Decorations of gingerbread for the cups

You can see the recipe here.

8. Deer. It is only a deer.

Do you need a deer at home? Here is the instruction how to do this.

9. Decorated very festive for the bottles

10. So that the vessels are in the style of the bottles

11. Little cookies in the shape of bears very tender

If you want to eat this beauty, here is the recipe.

12. Cards trees

13. Bright star

14. Garland for kids

15. Hanging decorations

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