15 Examples of design that will make you go crazy for his genius

The designers are really bright, but to create something unreal, not necessary to pursue studies in that regard. This article will show you amazing creations that will leave you without words. Let cool power!

Great.guru has compiled for you the more unusual objects from the world of the amazing things. Let’s enjoy together of this interesting selection.

This carpet in the airport looks like the Earth from the window of a plane

Can you believe that the two forms are the same thing?

An artist decorates the helmets medical for children: a work simply great

If you’re bored of the attractions usual, this track is for you

“This was done because the people asked us if we would do a version with the emblem of the insurgent”

When the design of the cosplay was thought out to the smallest detail. My god, what is that?

Fantastic media home for drinks

Everything here is beautiful

In the case of negotiations important

“Go to the ******”.

This designer of outdoor advertising a clear understanding of how to increase the sales of a business

Who said that a baker can’t invent an ingenious design of baking? Yes, it is a cake

This statue appears to be infinite

When the dreams of millions of people become reality

This supermarket sells products “ugly” at a reduced price

“Apples are abnormal. A lot of manzanitas fun and tasty dream of becoming a cake or someone to eat just as they are”.

“I found this lamp full of ducklings rubber in a pub in Edinburgh”

Bonus: sometimes, the nature can invent a design totally cosmic

What attracted most attention?

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