15 Celebrities who could easily win the award for “Fotobomba of the year”

There are 7.6 billion people currently living in the world. It is not surprising that, when we take photos in public, often we see strangers in the background. Sometimes, these strangers do it on purpose and make fotobombas. And celebrities are not the exception when it comes to make photos of another person to be fun.

Great.guru collected 15 of the best images funny fotobombas on which appear famous for that you can enjoy.

1. Jennifer Lawrence won that Oscar for a reason

2. Prince Harry is the king… of the fotobombas

3. Apparently, the fotobombas are family

4. What I could also do a fotobomba?

5. “My friend tried to take a photo in secret of Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield eating dinner together, this was the result”

6. Rihanna definitely made this photo much better

7. The advantages of being a friend of George Clooney

8. It must have been terrifying to see Arya Stark behind you

9. Jake Gyllenhaal is a professional fotobombas

10. For this are the brothers

11. These 2 are simply amazing

12. A small fotobomba

13. Tom Hanks fotobombeó the photo session of Elizabeth and Ryan

14. James Harden keeps the pace of the Kardashians

15. Neil Patrick Harris ruined a picture perfect family

What photo is your favorite? Have you ever been made fotobomba famous people? Please share with us in the comments below!

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