15 historical Photos that will not leave anyone indifferent

The photos are like a time machine that allows us to travel back decades, and immerses us in the atmosphere of the bygone era. The people immortalized in pictures seem distant, but in reality, they experienced the same human emotions that all of us.

Great.guru joined 15 historical photos incredibly emotional that will not leave anyone indifferent.

Some children like a little penguin, wandering on a cold day, Russia, 1968.

A bar in Paris, 1960’s.

Some love dancing, 1950’s.

A girl came to school in a mini-skirt, 1960’s.

Child has known André the Giant, a frenchman, in the 1970’s.

Soldier returning home, 1940’s.

Well you see love, 1969.

Men celebrating the end of the dry law, USA, 1933.

One day very windy, 1940’s.

A pretty woman to attract many glances, 1950.

Students hanging out between classes, USA, 1955.

The last kiss, the 1960’s.

Judging the fashion, Barcelona, 1965.

Embrace of midnight, 1934.

Girls virtiéndose over water on a hot day, New York, 1943.

Bonus: the 90’s also are already history! And this photo proves it. This guy is great.

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