15 Photos that show how much they hate the men to go shopping

For many men shopping is a torture, but how can explain it to your partners?

In Great.guru we decided to show you 15 funny pictures of these heroes without coat in shopping malls.

United by the same suffering…

Unfortunately, this is just beginning, child.

Well you see the real loneliness.

Seems to be a good place to wait.

Yes, it was a trap. And he fell into it.

The Santa Claus are also men.

A mind that is dull is looking at how to entertain.

Now this is your home.

Only you are trying to stay well-hydrated.

Begin to suffer from children…

…and learn how to keep calm.

At least the dogs are interested in the truth.

There are No seats, and no hope.

Until the mannequin is in agreement: the wait is too long.

There is No doubt that men can do everything possible and impossible for their loved ones, so do not abuse this sacrifice of yours. The next time you see a “hero of the mall”, show him compassion.

Sit free to share your photos of funny experiences of shopping. Surely you have some!

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