15 Photos that will restore your faith in the goodness

Unfortunately, the news of all the days not look very optimistic. However, the world is not a place so bad!

In Great.guru want to share with you a selection of images to show you just how friendly, are the creatures that live in this world. And don’t miss the bonus at the end of the article to see how a cry for help can be a lie that turns into something really good.

15. No one can stay sad when this girl is near.

14. These parents are saving their baby.

13. In July 1925, Harry Warnecke, a photographer of New York News, took a photo of a police officer who had stopped traffic to allow a cat and her kittens crossing the street.

12. A small child in the flooded Serbia is going through deep water carrying her puppy on top of his head.

11. An act of kindness during a rain in China.

10. A american navy is giving water to a japanese girl who was found in a cave. (1945, Okinawa)

9. This fireman with a respirator is rescuing a mother cat while her kitten look.

8. A German soldier in pain being treated by american soldiers in 1944.

7. This man is leaving his shoes to a adolescent in a difficult situation.

6. “My nephew found a friend in just 5 minutes”. All children are born with love in your heart and we have to raise them that way also.

5. A food chain important to doing the works of goodness.

“Free food for the homeless every Friday from 15 to 17”.

4. This man is giving flowers to all the women of the metro.

3. A man is saving his puppy during a flood in Thailand.

2. Sharing means caring, especially in this case.

1. When your friend really needs to make that call…


We all know that the penguins are extremely cute and everyone wants to save them. So in 2011, when there was a call for help to say that the penguins were suffering through the fault of oil spills and need sweaters, people from all over the world responded and began to weave.

They did not know that no penguin was going to use that piece of clothing comfortably warm. In reality, it was an initiative of a store of yarns in New Zealand that got very good publicity out of all this. But after a while, those sweaters were usadon to dress up penguin toy and the money raised went towards the conservation of wildlife. “The Penguin Foundation also uses the suetercitos in its educational programs.

We hope that these photos will fill you with energy and motivation as needed and that you start to believe in this world a little more! Maybe even you have been inspired to do an act of kindness for your account.

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