15 Stories that demonstrate that wizards live among us

All the days happen to endearing stories that keep our faith in all of you the most beautiful dwelling in the world. But, many of them go totally unnoticed.

Great.guru proposes you know these 15 stories that show how kindness is everywhere.

The employees of the supermarket met the desire of this child

In Liverpool, a boy of 10 years of age, Leon Ashworth, during a visit to a grocery store with his mother, was charmed of a lovely panda bear. But the child’s mother promised to buy him this toy later, because there was not enough cash on you.

To Leon he was seized by the fear that someone else could buy your panda. So I found a suitable box, tucked inside the toy and wrote a note moving.

When store employees discovered this “treasure” is hidden, they decided to buy and give away the child so desired by panda.

A japanese company, of new technologies, he converted his office into a shelter for feral cats

The japanese company Ferray Corporation gave shelter to feral cats. They all live now in the office and the employees are responsible to feed them and care for them.

This company not only turned his office into a mini-refuge. Their owners pay employees a bonus of five thousand yen if you adopt these abandoned animals. As a result, the kittens get a home and the people in the office Ferray Corporation are less restless, which increases the performance in general.

A police officer helped a woman with two children to find a home after an eviction

Agent Brian Bussell helped a woman with two children, after being evicted from their home. Did not have a place to live. Then, the mother, accompanied by her children, went to the police. There, Bussell knew in the first person, his story and decided to help them: first, they bought goods of first necessity and paid to stay at a hotel. Later, he helped the family find a new home.

The police told no one about their actions. But the woman, thankful, published a post on Facebook. After that, all the world knew and learned of the gesture of kindness of Brian Bussell.

The enterprise helped to free a family with a baby

In the house of Hulscher is broke the stove just the day in waiting for the return of the hospital for the new mom with her newborn. The family’s father, Jesse, was put in contact with the company, whose technical not only managed quickly to the stove, but that also left a bill with the following note: “for Free. Enjoy your newborn baby”.

The workers adopted a stray and now this helps in the tasks of construction

A hospital employee told workers local helps a dog. This brings the necessary tools. The can takes up a special costume in which it is to be all that they need. In addition, wears his helmet like a true operator in the construction sector.

Before that happened, this dog lived on the street. And now she has a job and friends get tasty snacks and rascándole your tummy!

A police officer helped a child that he wanted to escape the house

With 13 years of age, Cameron Simmons, of South Carolina, alerted the police that he planned to run away from home after a fight with her mother. The officer Gaetano Acerra went to find out what happened and once there realized that the problem did not lie only in the discussions.

In the child’s room, there was virtually no furniture. I slept on an inflatable mattress, every morning I had just deflated. As a result, Cameron was suffering from back pains. The mother of the teenager was in a difficult situation after the move and could not buy his son a bed.

The officer Acerra decided to help the family to buy a table, chair, bed, and a tv for Cameron. The police said that I was doing it for pride, but only because it was the right thing. “The people have to do this sort of thing”, he stressed.

This English saved a puppy from a cheetah to become a hunting trophy

Heather Tookey spent five thousand pounds to take a puppy of cheetah called a few tears in a “reserve of cheetahs” in Africa, where all of the animals in the future end up turning in hunting trophies for rich clients.

Heather organized a fundraiser to save these felines. So managed to buy all the puppies in the place to move to natural reserves. Also found a new friend, unusual and, above all, very caring.

This man dedicated his life to the care of children with incurable diseases

This resident of Los Angeles, Mohamed Bzeek, has spent the past 20 years taking care of children with incurable diseases. Before he did so with his wife, but 15 years ago she was widowed. Despite this, he continued his good work.

The man takes care not only of the adopted children, but also of his own son of 19 years, which also requires special care.

A little naughty with malice, made another child famous

On the 29th of June, the Twitter user Christopher Hope-Smith told the story of her son Ollie, that he planned to celebrate his ninth birthday. A mischievous child with malice, the school tried to spoil the birthday party, telling him that on that day no one cared, and it would be a day terrible.

The father did not stay without doing anything and asked famous people who animasen to his son and felicitasen for his birthday. His letter received the response from hundreds of users and dozens of famous. Among them, Russell Crowe, one of the artists of “The Simpsons” and the rapper Stormzy.

This man proved that compassion can become the most important person in the life of another being

Erikas Plucas found a small moose not very far from your home. The animal presented a terrible state. Probably his mother had died at the hands of poachers, but the little he managed to escape.

Erikas gave the name of Emma small and the cared. The animal visit every day to your savior after this man release in freedom.

This great invention saves the animals from imminent death at the pools

The biologist Rich Mason came up with an invention that will save the small animals that got in the pool and cannot get out. Before it died in the water if a person never went to their aid. Now, the animal, by his own account, come out of the water.

The invention has been called a “Frog Log”.

This man, running the risk of falling into the water, rescued a small kitten

Yusuke Mieno realized that a kitten was sinking in the water fighting for his life. Running the risk of falling, pulled the small of the trench with the help of an umbrella.

Police albanians showed that superheroes exist

Agents of the Albanian police decided to visit sick children who could not have fun with your friends. The officers disguised themselves with costumes of superheroes, and prepared a surprise: they entered in the rooms of the patients directly by one of the windows. Each of the children received a gift in the that specified the following: “you Are a hero”.

A man devoted 7 hours to the search of a few kittens thrown in the trash and saved them

When an inhabitant of Springfield called Cliff heard some meows coming from a large trash container, immediately ran to help the little kittens.

The rescue operation lasted for about 7 hours, because the animals were under the rubble. The fruit of his effort, he managed to find the felines to take them to an animal shelter and the kittens would find a home next to a family caring.

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