15 Messages from some of the parents who started using WhatsApp recently

The generation that grew up in the era of printed books, libraries full, home phones and letters written on paper sometimes do not understand that “emoji mania” that prevails in our time.

Great.guru found some fun examples of parents and grandparents who still have not managed to join this trend.

When your grandmother is just starting to learn about the world of emoji

And it’s still not very good at that

And, behold, a aunt that always uses an emoji as well to give me bad news

When everything seriously

Too seriously

This is already a very high level

Or the joy that you can now enlighten you all with emojis without having to put it into words

Sometimes the emojis are too much graphics

And very literal

Another example

And here when start to master it all to perfection!

And use emojis to make fun of you

When your grandma is supposed to be an emoji crying

And dad also sometimes confused

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